"Wild Card" is the 5th episode of the Bravo TV reality competition series, Launch My Line. It was aired in January 6, 2010. The episode features special guest star Lady Gaga.

April 10, 2009Edit

Lady Gaga plot summaryEdit

One of today’s most fashion-forward pop stars, Lady Gaga stops by to inspire the designers from DSQUARED2, Dean and Dan Catenacci. The teams are asked to create an avant-garde outfit, but they must make sure they are pushing the boundaries of fashion without crossing the line of good taste. While the lines of fashion might not be crossed, the tension between some teammates gets intense and someone pushes their teammate to the edge. Gaga surprises the contestants by appearing as a special guest and she instructs the contestants to create an outfit from red latex that is inspired by her.

The Canadian twins, then invite everybody for a “little break”, during which they introduce them to Lady Gaga, who is wearing a snug black dress with huge, pointed shoulder pads by Jeremy Scott, and a sporting sunglasses. The designers are excited to see her, and we’re told that she “represents the extreme in avant-garde”. Gaga tells everybody that she’s inspired by shapes and also advises the designers to be true to themselves. The twins invite Gaga to pick something from the trim room for everybody to use. To the designers’ horror, she chooses fire-engine red patent leather.

After Lady Gaga leaves, the twins make their rounds. Louanna and Jim fell stressed and talk about using Gaga’s red leather for a belt, which sounds like a reasonable idea, depending on what color their outfit is.

After the show, the judges call Kathy’s name and tells her that she’s safe. The judges think his fabric looks cheap and that his outfit looks too goth. He also copped out in his use of Lady Gaga’s fabric, by using it merely to hold the peacock feathers. Merle describes her look as a “tuxedo bolero”.

The twins express disappointment that she had very obviously played it safe and tell her they wanted more drama. She did, however, do the best job of using Lady Gaga’s patent leather; the rose was a clever idea.


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