Void of Course (stylized VOIDOFCOURSE) was a London based label born through the collaboration of modern tailoring designer, Sean-Anthony Moran and film-maker/theatre-performance artist, Christopher Sutton.

"Romance of Violence": Spring/Summer 2010 CollectionEdit

"Impossibility Of Love": Fall/Winter 2011 CollectionEdit

  1. Natacha Marro for VOC.

"Fearful Symmetry": Spring/Summer 2012 CollectionEdit

  1. Nail-less elbow latex gloves. On June 10, 2011, the Haus shortened the gloves.
  2. Leather hat in collaboration with Cecilio Castrillo for VOC.


  1. Harness worn by Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest
  2. Pregnant suit for Charlie le Mindu
  3. Dancers' outfits
  4. Hat
  5. 12 dancers' outfits and masks
  6. Jacket, pants and mask worn by the "President" (David Lei Brandt. The mask was a reworked version of the one seen in the Fall/Winter 2011 Collection by Cecilio Castrillo with VOC
  7. 13 outfits and the mask by Cecilio Castrillo with VOC
  8. Crystal coat
  9. Gaga's latex bra, skirt and the 13 capes
  10. Blue and gold plexiglass crown, top with cape and skirt
  11. Bolero covered with Swarovski crystals
  12. Leather in crystal


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