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  • MiKael

    Schedule report as of Dec 2012

    December 18, 2012 by MiKael

    The whole project as a whole is WIP (work in progress) but even the structure is not finished yet. I am currently working on completing what I named the "final steps" of the "era system".

    After years of adding content, we are finally getting to a point when we're reaching the limit of what is widely available. Which mean we can 'complete' our eras !!!

    Pages Main The Fame TFM BTW
    Index TBS Started x
    Background x Started x
    Music Done
    Video Agpuh WIP design
    Fashion Done
    Performances Done
    Media TBS Started x x

    Following the completion of these pages, this will end the implementation of an era system.

    • Notes for the media pages:
    • The goal is to make at least a "stub" level for each of these pages.

    Following the structure update, we have a bunch of new pages t…

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  • MiKael

    Template upgrade

    October 27, 2012 by MiKael

    All the new templates will follow a modular system so each new design upgrade will be done easily.

    • Master Color 1
    • Master Color 2

    Design format repeatly used will be turned into template to simply modification in the future.

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  • MiKael


    October 10, 2012 by MiKael


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  • MiKael

    To do list

    July 4, 2012 by MiKael

    Here are some examples of what you can do as of July 4, 2012:

    • Add the new candids (pics) on 2012/July USING THE NAMING SYSTEM.
    • Describe what happened with these pictures, what’s the context or the location.


    • I moved the content by era, you can edit the page here.
    • Move each merch into the right tour section, you can use this page ProductsAndEndorsementsByEra
    • I had the idea that merchandise should be divided into the “era” (albums) they were first shown or sold. Since t-shirts sold during The Fame Ball Tour are no longer available, it can confuse people if they find it on the list.


    • Add the new candids to the respective designers’ page.


    • Look for magazine covers that we don’t have
    • Add transcription to magazine scans or add…

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  • MiKael

    I received some requests from some of you wanting to be an admin. In order to be fair to everyone, I'm writing this on a blog.

    We just named a new admin this past week and as you might know, we don't name a new admin very often. In the past, it's about 1 once a year. If you can handle that it might take a year before we name a new admin then you will have a shot. Being an admin is not about the title or the "rank" or being popular or when you registered. It's about working hard, being nice to the others users, bringing new ideas to the table. In general, candidates should generally be active and regular Gagapedia contributors for at least several months, be familiar with the procedures and practices of Gagapedia, respect and understand its …

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