Hi! I'm MiKael also known as Michael (duh!). I founded the Lady Gaga wiki, Gagapedia on February 15, 2009. Previously, I owned a couple of websites through the years and I broke each time the conventional mold of these genre of websites. In the wake of Gaga's success by summer of 2008 (I found out about her on June 12 of 2008), I came up with my next challenge: filling the void between the official website and the fansites of an artist. Gathering infos, interviews until my little Word doc. couldn't contain my unnamed project anymore. I opted for a Wiki format so all of yoü can contribute and that together, we'll push the boundaries of love and acceptance or have a lot of fun creating articles and learning/sharing about art. Pick your side!

Along the way, I found (or maybe they found me/us) hEyyy XxMjF followed by Agpuh and now KERmonster. Together, we change the ("our") world one edit at a time. Seriously, they are the best co-admins on earth and I'm forever indebted for the countless hours spent and the trust they have in me, or should I say, this project which was nowhere cool or completed as it is today when they first joined. Thank yoü guys.

Beside this project, I'm also a student studying Marketing and soon-to-be graduate next year! You can follow me on Twitter and tweet me the name of a new artist or/& songs, if you like. Add me on LittleMonsters.com ! And just randomly, my favorite live performance is the rendition of "LoveGame" of the Monster Ball 2.0.

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