United Center

The United Center is the largest arena (in size) in the United States. It has also the nickname of "The Madhouse on Madison". The arena is located in Chicago, Illinois.

February 28, 2011Edit

This performance was the first time Lady Gaga headlined at the arena. The opening act was Scissor Sisters.

Additional Notes:

Set list
Act I: NYC
 1. Jumping Film
 2. "Dance in the Dark" (Shortened)
 3. "Glitter and Grease"
 4. "Just Dance"
 5. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"
 6. "The Fame"
Act II: NYC Subway
 7. Puke Film
 8. "LoveGame"
 9. "Boys Boys Boys"
10. "Money Honey" (Shortened)
11. "Telephone"
12. "You and I"
Act III: Central Park
13. Antler Film
14. "Monster"
15. "Teeth"
16. "Alejandro"
17. "Poker Face"
Act IV: The Monster Ball
18. Apocalyptic Film
19. Battling a Paparazzo ("Paparazzi")
20. "Bad Romance"
21. "Born This Way"
22. "Judas"
[edit set list]

February 13-14, 2013Edit

Due to a labral tear in her right hip and needing surgery to repair it on February 13, 2013, this performance of the Born This Way Ball was cancelled as Gaga was still recuperating.

July 11, 2014Edit

Part of artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball.

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