• Hey Michael, Jamie said you were the one to talk to about Musical Madness :) I finished building out a sandbox version of what we want to put on Gagapedia so take a look at it here and let me know if there was anything you want changed with either categories or choices. Please note that the links are red but will be linking to pages on Gagapedia when posted. Also, I left out the videos on the sandbox but they will be added using available Gagapedia videos and then whatever isn't on the wikia I will add in :) Finally, the final product will have an image at the top so people know it is called "Musical Madness." Again, let me know what you think!

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    • Hi!

      Thank you for taking the time to this! It's looking great so far. I have a few suggestion for you:
      - I think that changing Mother Monster to simply Gaga would be better.
      - The second album should be The Fame Monster, not The Fame. It's only found in the gallery, not the poll.
      - artpop should be written as ARTPOP.
      - For the red carpet looks, I think the text below each image should include a link to the designer page as well. Example: "2014 Oscars by Atelier Versace".  Also, we usually use the full designer name (Azzedine Alaïa, Versace) or the label name (Atelier Versace for example, for custom Versace outfits) when identifying outfits.
      -- For the fashion credits, we usually use Gaga Fashionland (and give credits when we do also)
      - For the best collaboration, I think the duet with Christina Aguilera for Do What U Want could be added to the list. If the list is still incomplete, other lesser known collab such as Big Girl Now (feat. Lady Gaga) by the New Kids On The Block can be added as well.

      That's about it for me, unless new ideas pop up later this week. I also asked my other admins to check if they have anything else to add.

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    • Alright, few changes made (thanks for the suggestions, btw):

      • I fixed/changed the Mother Monster title, ARTPOP, and Fame Monster
      • I added the links to each designer
      • For Gaga Fashionland, I just added a credit to the top under the intro paragraph
      • Finally, I added the Christina Aguilera collab, good call!

      I think we want to post this on Gagapedia around April 10 if you think it's ready to go :)

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    • It's ready to go for April 10 (or whenever you are ready)!

      Thank you for doing this :)

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    • Great! And no problem, we're excited to see what ends up winning in each category!

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    • Hello! Just wanted to let you know that the Musical Madness blog is up now here. I added another category at the end by request :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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