• Hey Michael!

    Jamie here from the Wikia Community team. Do you run the Gagapedia twitter feed? Wondering if we can help getting it up and running again. We'd be happy to.

    I also reached out to KerMonster and Andres to see if you guys wanted to do something like this Communty Choice Awards that we did on the One Direction Wikia. What do you think?

    Hope you are well!

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    • Hello there,

      Yes, I'm the owner of the Twitter account for the Gagapedia. As I'm not very active on the project lately, the twitter feed is also quite empty. I would love to see it being active again! I'm interested to see what you have in minds (taking over the Twitter, promotional events like the example with 1D, etc.). We also have a Facebook page that could use some help too ;)

      Have a good day :)

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    • Hi MiKael,

      For the twitter account, we can definitely feature content from the wiki on a more regular basis. The wiki has so much wonderful information that could be great for #ThrowbackThursdays or updates from the road. We can try to be as relevent as possible for current news as well from other news sources. It might be a little difficult to monitor it in real time, but I'm very happy to pop on there once in a while and RT cool things, especially from Gaga's own account. Same sort of idea for the facebook page! Let me know if you'd be down with that and we can start figuring out how to get me connected to those accounts.

      Also, What do you thin about the Community Choice Awards -esque idea (It'll be the first part in a series called "Musical Maddness). It would just be a fun little piece of programming where people can vote on Gaga's best outfits, videos, things like that. I'm working on it as we speak and we can show it to you before it posts. 

      Thanks so much!

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    • That sounds like a great idea! Send me an email at gagapedia[a] and I'll provide you with the infos. For the Facebook page, I can only add other editor that I am "friend" with. If that doesn't bother you, then I'll be more than happy to add you on our Facebook page.

      As for the Community Choice Awards, it's an excellent idea. It's fun, engaging and also a neat way to showcase the content that we have.

      Thank you a lot for helping us :)

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