• I was so excited when Gaga finally announced her newest album. It made me remember the days I first heard about her (2009), the days I stanned so hard for her. They called me names sometimes but I proudly presented myself as a Gaga fan.

    When the album was approaching, I grew mad hype, perhaps that's the reason I was so disappointed at the end. Every step forward the album, was a step back for me. The bad release of songs, the weird antics she performed, the overused gimmick image, the unnecessary "artistry". She made me believe this one will be a music changer, a classic. It wasn't. In fact, it was insulting for someone like her and for her fans.

    With this last horrific, nonsense, idiotic, disgusting and completely unnecessary demonstration of this so called art, this "vomit paint", I'm done, I'm not a fan anymore. I can't be a fan of someone who gives her okay to something as unnatural and inhuman as self-inflicting vomit.

    "Oh, she wanted to prove a point, its art, you don't understand her, she can do whatever she want". Well: a) there are millions of better ways to prove a point, b) its not art just because she said so c) No, I can't understand such a brainless garbage d) just because you can or want, doesn't mean you should.

    I strongly suggest y'all to do the same as me. Is not okay and never will be. Its a degeneration of humankind. I don't even want to tell her to stop. You have to be completely lost to do, like or approve a conduct like this. Her family should fill the papers to commit her in the asylum. Have a nice day.

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    • Have a safe trip.

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    • Um, so it was okay to have the EXACT same girl vomit on her during one of the Monster Ball interludes in 2010 but now its not right? U are a good friend, VaVaVoom, but i find it stupid how u say ur not a fan anymore, she did something strange, disgusting and horrible, I threw up myself watching it. But i dealt with it because I dont turn back after one thing. She could have done MUCH worse. She's expressing herself because she wants to be unique. Which is totally fine because being unique is great, even if you do strange, disturbing and creepy ass shit! I will never stop loving Gaga, no matter what she does!

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    • IMG 20160414 175654
      My name is Germanotta Joseph and my father is Germanotta Antonino born and live near Messina Italy.I think this my pictures it's same Lady Gaga granfather at 20 o 30 years.What do you thinks?

      best regard by Giuseppe

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    • Germanotta Antonino (nonno Lady Gaga)
      what do you think? it's same with Lady Gaga granfather?

      Best regard By Giuseppe Germanotta

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    • A FANDOM user
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