• These are alleged "Ratchet" lyrics leaked by @ARTPOPISNEAR on twitter

    Manicure slick Cheap lipstick Runnin' outta control Sexy slutty chick

    Walking in New York City Long ass heels And she runs runs runs runs Like A RATCHET GIRL

    You won't fool me again with your teathre You won't fool me again ratchet girl RATCHET, RATCHET, RATCHET

    Leopard bitch walking to his heart Like a wolve, like a wolve She's faster than the rays of sun RATCHET, RATCHET, RATCHET


    Fake svarosky rings She used all her dollar bills To snatch all the weaves She calls herself RATCHET But she's just a flatter

    Cucci cucci bag Fake versace dress thinks she's a hollywood star


    And she runs runs runs runs Like A RATCHET GIRL

    Hoola hoola hop Ratchet girl Don't be stressed Nobody loves you Nobody needs you

    Everybody hates you Oh yeah Hug your fake Loubotins Kiss the diamond rolex ass **** your stupid Cucci bag Boom Boom Boom Pow

    Yeah, you, ratchet girl Imma kill yourself With a lipstick gun Glitter knife While your boyfriend Is on the stripper club Getting high as ****

    Putting dollars On that hoe ass On that hoe ass You won't fool me again with your teathre


    Ratchet go far away Fashion police is coming for your fake weave They will beat you harder than me Go away Take the taxi

    Sell your rings Catch a trip GO away bitch

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    • Most likely unreal, since ratchet has 25% making ARTPOP, along with Red Flame.

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