Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)Edit

At this point, her dancers had picked up Gaga from the stage and no music, except a blue light on the outer frame of the stage was on. After a few minutes, a bright blue light appeared at the center of the stage revealing The Orbit spinning with Gaga inside saying "You didn't think I was gonna leave you, did you?". She then sang "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" alone on stage with '80s-inspired white power suit with exaggerated high shoulders and highwaisted pants (See outfits credits below on the Bad Romance section). This last part of the show, "The Monster Ball" signified her rebirth and the start of the future.

(Album version)

Bad RomanceEdit

The next and final song of the show was "Bad Romance" which she performed in the same outfit along with her dancers wearing a white shoulder piece with tight leggings. She usually sang a few lines of Bad Romance a cappella while her dancers stopped The Orbit to let her walk around the stage. (Sang a few lines acapella before doing the album version).


The backdrop featured a kaleidoscope effect in white.

  1. White hunchback jacket and pants by Zaldy for Haus of Gaga with black bra: 11/27/09 - 12/01/09
  2. White hunchback jacket and pants by Zaldy for Haus of Gaga with white bra with crystals — 12/02/09 - 12/03/09
  3. White latex by Atsuko Kudo — 12/09/09 - 12/19/09.
  4. Mirror hunchback jacket by Zaldy for Haus of Gaga with Disco bra by Haus of Gaga and white pants: 12/21/09 - 12/22/09, 1/10/10 - 1/26/10.
  5. Mirror hunchback jacket with mirror bodysuit: 12/23/09 - 12/27/09.
  6. Mirror hunchback jacket with mirror bodysuit and white pants: 12/28/09 - 1/8/10.
  7. Mirror hunchback jacket with white latex bra and white pants: 1/9/10.

Tattoo (Outroduction Film)Edit

It comes after the performance of Bad Romance, after Lady Gaga and the dancers walk offstage. The film is about Gaga getting a "Dad Tattoo" while wearing an exoskeleton (by Gary Card) styled mask, similar to the mask worn by the dancers during the performance at the American Music Awards. After that, the song was over.

  • Blondel zu Marien, D. 626 by Franz Schubert
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