For the two shows that used elements of the tour, see Jingle Bell Ball and New Year's Eve 2010 for the setlist.

Act I — Birth

  1. Jumping Film (Intro video)
  2. "Dance in the Dark"
  3. "Just Dance"

Act II — Desert

  1. Puke Film (Interlude)
  2. "LoveGame"
  3. "Alejandro"

Act III — Forest

  1. Raven Film (Interlude)
  2. "Monster"
  3. "So Happy I Could Die" (except Dec 31, 2009 & Jan 21-26, 2010)
  4. "Teeth"
  5. "Speechless"
  6. Virgin Call Gag (Dec-Jan ?)
  7. "Poker Face" (Acoustic Version)
  8. "Make Her Say" (with Kid Cudi, Nov 27-Dec 11, 2009 only)

Act IV — Egypt

  1. Tank Girl Film (Interlude)
  2. "Fashion" (Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2009 only)
  3. "The Fame"
  4. "Money Honey"
  5. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"

Act V — City

  1. Antler Film (Interlude)
  2. "Boys Boys Boys"
  3. "Paper Gangsta (except Jan. 21-26, 2010)
  4. "Poker Face"
  5. Manifesto of Little Monsters (Interlude)
  6. "Paparazzi"

Act VI — Monster Ball

  1. "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)"
  2. "Bad Romance"
  3. Tattoo Film (Outro video)


  • On November 27, 2009:
    • "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" was performed after "Just Dance".
    • "Boys Boys Boys" was performed after "LoveGame".
    • "Speechless" was performed after "Poker Face" (acoustic) and "Make Her Say".
    • Apocalyptic Film was shown instead of Manifesto of Little Monsters.
  • "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" used the Dirty Freak Remix on Nov 27-Dec 19 and the album version on Dec 21-Jan 26.
  • On December 1, 2009, a remix interlude of "Paparazzi" using visuals from Manifesto of Little Monsters was shown before the song.
  • On January 20 to 24, Gaga modified "Poker Face" to be an ode to New York City.
  • "Make Her Say" was performed with Kid Cudi from November 27 to December 11, 2009.



  1. Blonde curly wig: 11/27/09 - 12-31-09, 1/3/10 - 1/20/10, 1/26/10.
  2. Special blonde wig with big bump and long bangs [Worn during Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) and Bad Romance only]: 11/27/09.
  3. Rapunzel braids wig (worn during Paparazzi only. Wasn't worn on first date 11/27/09): 11/28/09 - 12/3/09.
  4. Rapunzel braids wig with hairbow (worn during Paparazzi only): 12/9/09 - 12/19/09.
  5. Yellow Curly Wig: 1/2/10.
  6. Blonde and yellow curly hair: 1/21/10 - 1/24/10.

Act I — Birth

Jumping Film (Intro video)

The lights in the venue went off while the stage "frame" outer lights came on with a light blue hue. A projector created a futuristic green grid on the curtain made of scrim. The grid started to move slowy in and out as if something was sucking it in and out from the middle of the grid. At the same time that the grid came up, an extended version of "Dance in the Dark" began comprised of a sample of Gaga's vocals from the song ("I'm a free bitch, baby") and the "d-d-d-d" background vocals by Fernando Garibay. The song also include a reworked version of the remix of Finally 2008 by CeCe Peniston made by Kam Denny and Paul Zala. The ending merged the introduction with the actual song.

After 20 seconds, Gaga's back of a body is shown in black and white appearing in the middle of the grid. Her body which started translucent became opaque to reveal a 360 degree jump projected in slow-motion. The slow-motion slowly switched pace as to match the increasing tempo of the song. After 1:30, a countdown appeared on the right corner of the screen as Gaga starts jumping. On the first few nights, that timer was not included and the video would display splices/glitches of Gaga jumping. At the end of the timer, Gaga would do the first 360 jump as the video fades.

Recorded Vocals

I'm, I'm
I'm a free, I'm a free, I'm a free, I'm a free
I'm a free bitch baby, I'm a free bitch baby
I'm a free, free, free, free, free, free, free, free, free, free, free, free
Bitch, bitch, bitch
I'm a free bitch baby
I'm a free bitch baby
I'm a free bitch baby
Make it stop!

  1. Film — Gaga wears a corset and top by Marko Mitanovski.

"Dance in the Dark"

Right when the timer reached zero, a sample of Gaga's voice saying "Make it stop" was heard on the first three dates. The grid reappeared on the front screen and on the back of the stage while Gaga raised from below the stage covered in fog. The song introduction which was mixed with the interlude was not repeated and the song began with Gaga singing "Silicone/Saline" with a headset.

Gaga wore a futuristic silver jeweled jumpsuit with small lights on it. She also had matching glitter eye mask. Mid-song, ten dancers crawling on the floor joined her onstage. The song backdrop was the green grids projected on the back screen and on the scrim with purple light spots on Gaga. Tulle was added to Gaga's jumpsuit shoulders on December 13, 2009. It was kept that way until the end of the tour on January 26, 2010.

  1. Gaga wore an illuminated crystals jumpsuit by Zaldy x Tom Talmon Studio
  2. Dancers wore white balaclavas and jumpsuits by Haus of Gaga and laser masks by Tom Talmon Studio (Added on December 9, 2009)

"Just Dance"

During the extended ending of "Dance in the Dark", the stage went black, giving time for Gaga to grab a portable silver jeweled keyboard, a customized AX-Synths by Roland and get into a giant white cube which appeared from the back of the stage on the first notes of "Just Dance". A longer instrumental introduction to the song was performed (around 30 seconds). Before the first lyrics, the cube moved to the front of the stage, while Gaga emerged from the top of the cube, and the video screen came up. She was raised on a platform with a keytar over her shoulder as eight dancers in white bodysuits locked into step below her. After a while, the scrim resembled an electric math grid which was lifted during the performance. Gaga always kept her outfit worn during "Dance In The Dark" for "Just Dance".

During the song, the Colby O'Donnis verses were cut but Akon background vocals were kept.

"Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"

NOTE: Gaga only performed Beautiful, Dirty, Rich after Just Dance on November 27th, 2009. it was performed at the end of Act IV after Money Honey on all proceeding dates.

Act II — Desert

Puke Film (Interlude)

The film was shown on the back screen of the stage with a closeup of the middle of the film on each of the two side screen. On November 27, 2009 it was shown on the stage screen curtain in full size. Starting in December of 2009, the dancers crawled on the floor with fog around them.

The interlude features Gaga in a white dress and later, performance artist Millie Brown pukes some bright green vomit on her. Inspired by "The Bridegroom Stripped Bare", a fashion film by Nick Knight featuring Alexander McQueen, Dada is seen cutting and adding items to her outfit.

The song is a shortened edit of "Tears In The Rain" by Zomby. The sampled quote is from "Blade Runner" (1983) by Ridley Scott, the dying replicant, Roy Batty (portrayed by Rutger Hauer), introspectively says the phrase, during a rain downpour, regarding his own death:

Tears in rain monologue

I've seen things, you people wouldn't believe, hmm
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion
I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate
All those moments, will be lost in time like tears in the rain

  1. Gaga wore a dress by Marko Mitanovski.


She started performing "LoveGame" which ended with Gaga pointing towards her groin. On the first 3 shows, the ending of "LoveGame" was different from the other dates. This ending contained the album version, while the other performances contained elements of "LoveGame" (Chew Fu Guettohouse Fix).

This section of the show had the most costume and backdrop change.

Gaga wore the disco stick by Tom Talmon Studio on all dates during "LoveGame".
  1. Gaga wore a top piece (Nov 27-Dec 19, 2009), pelvis piece (Nov 27-28, 2009), caged ankle boots (Nov 27 & Dec 3-19, 2009) and bodysuit (Nov 27-by Zaldy. She also kept her glitter mask from Act I on Nov 27-28, 2009.
  2. Gaga wore a skeleton jacket dress by Olima and bodysuit by Zaldy on December 21-31, 2009 & January 10-12, 2010.
  3. Gaga wore a silver dress by Olima with matching headpiece by Franc Fernandez on January 2-9, 2010.
  4. Gaga wore a white top by Maison Martin Margiela and hat by Franc Fernandez on January 13, 2010.
  5. Silicone with navy lace dress by Rachael Barrett with headpiece by Gary Card x Tom Talmon Studio on January 20-26, 2010.
  • Dancers wore nude bodysuits with vests by Haus of Gaga (except on January 20-26, 2010) with ecto-skeleton hat by Gary Card.

This particular song had 4 different backdrops during the run of the show.

  • The first backdrop (November 27 to December 18 [A]) featured digital flames.
  • On December 19 and 21[B], the backdrop was a colorful grids. On December 23 to January 21, 2010 the backdrop was a dark kaleidoscope[C].
  • The fourth backdrop was a "Edward Scissorhands" inspired theme featured on the last few shows (January 13 to January 26, 2010 [D] ). This backdrop was used for the Regza Phone IS04 the brand new Android OS smart phone by Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications in 2010. Top by Alexander McQueen, Metal skirt and necklace by Gemma Slack, Hair Lips by Charlie le Mindu, Sunglasses by Alpina, Gloves by Marko Mitanovski, Armadillo by Alexander McQueen

"Boys Boys Boys"

NOTE: Gaga only performed "Boys Boys Boys" after "LoveGame" on November 27th, 2009. All dates following, she performed it at the beginning of Act V before "Paper Gangsta".


As she got out of her ecto-skeleton outfit, she stripped down to a silver bodysuit for another The Fame Monster song, "Alejandro", which saw her being carried by her crotch by one of her male dancers and lowered onto another male dancer. Gaga stopped a while beofre the last chorus to have a speech.

Act III — Forest

Raven Film (Interlude)

This interlude featured snarling dogs and brooding ravens. The Raven Film depicts scenes of a Raven's wing flapping, and different parts of its body, such as the head. The music used was "Girls" (Original Mix) by Style of Eye with vocal samples from "Money Honey" (That's money honey) and "Monster" (Don't call me Gaga, Ga...Ga).

[A] The sea-green stills are from The Monster Ball 2.0, the 1.0 had a red tint instead.


The performance of "Monster" began with Gaga emerging in a black feathered jacket and performing dance moves reminiscent of Michael Jackson. The backdrop was silhouettes of trees against a red background. Gaga sports a black feathered jacket with a black bodysuit beneath it. The dancers remove the jacket near the end of the song, miming "eating her". The dancers did NOT remove the jacket on 11/27/09 - 12/02/09 however. She continued to wear the feather jacket for the performance of So Happy I Could Die.

  1. Black feathered jacket by Zaldy along with a body suit with 2 leather owls on each shoulder and a wolf with silver fans on the front by Miguel Villalobos: 11/27/09 - 1/26/10

"So Happy I Could Die"

The song was performed like the studio version. On 11/27/09 - 12/2/09 Gaga performed So Happy I Could Die wearing the feather jacket used during Monster. From 12/3/09 - Gaga had the feather jacket removed during Monster so she performed So Happy I Could Die in the black bodysuit only. During the last shows (Jan 10 to 26) of this Monster Ball version, the song was cut. The stage settings was a deep purple with no backdrop except some black bird wings (footage from the Raven Film) closeup during the chorus.

  1. Black feathered jacket by Zaldy along with a body suit with 2 leather owls on each shoulder and a wolf with silver fans on the front by Miguel Villalobos: 11/27/09 - 12/2/09.
  2. Black bodysuit by Zaldy Goco ONLY: 12/3/09 - 12/19/09. 1/20/10 - 1/26/10.
  3. Black leather jacket by Olima worn over the typical black bodysuit ONLY: 12/21/09.
  4. Black leather jacket by Olima worn over the typical black bodysuit with black sparkly neck piece: 12/22/09 - 12/27/09.
  5. Black leather jacket by Olima worn over the typical black bodysuit with black sparkly neck piece and hair shades (Wasn't used on 12/31/09 because So Happy I Could Die wasn't performed): 12/28/09 - 12/29/09, 1/2/10 - 1/13/10.


The stage lights were blue and when Gaga sang "Show me your teeth" the backdrop had a wolf opening is jaws. Other scene include a wolf shaking off water from it fur. The feather jacket by Zaldy was removed for this performance.

  1. Black textured bodysuit by Zaldy.

"Speechless" & "Poker Face" (Acoustic)

On November 27th, 2009 on the opening night, Gaga performed "Speechless" after "Make Her Say". Her piano from the AMA Awards was lowered (?) from the stage where Gaga step into the bench to perform "Speechless" and mid-song, the band will do the album version. Gaga wore a black mask during Speechless 12/13/09 -

  • Did the Virgin Call Gaga (Dates?)
  • Sang uncensored version
  • Solo piano + band at the end.

Continued at the piano with the acoustic version of "Poker Face"; she played the piano while balancing on her piano stool and holding one leg up in the air. Performed the "Ode to New York" version on the New York dates.

"Do you like me show? If you don't, I don't care. Cuz you can fucking leave!" and shot the audience with a fake gun on December 10 to January 26, 2010.
  1. Gaga wore a black bodysuit by Zaldy on November 27 to December 11, 2009.
  2. Gaga wore a bodysuit by Zaldy and a black mask on December 13-14, 2009.
  3. Gaga wore a top by Atsuko Kudo, a black bodysuit by Zaldy and a black mask on December 17, 2009.
  4. Gaga wore a black feathered neck piece by Keko Hainswheeler, a bodysuit by Zaldy and a black mask on December 18, 2009 to January 26, 2010.

"Make Her Say"

Opening act and rapper Kid Cudi joined her then to perform his song "Make Her Say" which contains a sample of "Poker Face". Fan Film is played in the backdrop. The song was cut from the set list when KiD CuDi was kicked out of the tour starting Decemeber 11, 2009

Act IV — Egypt

Tank Girl Film (Interlude)

For this interlude, the scrim was lowered and the film projected on the whole "screen". The border of the stage had a white light around it during the interlude.

The film features Gaga in black and white, with the white being replaced by a multitude of lines. The first part is Lady Gaga with red lipstick in slow-motion after she received a slap in the face. The second part is Gaga on top of a 3D tank. The music used is a short edit "Dirty Freak" (Original Mix) by Filthy Rich with a vocal sample of "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich".


Fashion was only performed 6 times from November 27 to December 3, 2009. The song had its intro and ending extended, the rest was similar to the album version. On the last performance of the song on December 3, 2009, the band performed an additional instrumental interlude leading to the song. Usually, Gaga performed the song alone with gold microphone, a mic stand and with no dancers on stage.

The backdrop for the song was comprised of three triangles filled with sparkling stars. Each side screen had a triangle along with the back screen on the stage.

"The Fame"

On November 27, 2009, Gaga performed the song on the piano. On the following dates, elements of "Ghosts 'n' Stuff'" by deadmau5 was used throughout the song. From December 21, 2009 to January 14, 2009, Gaga performed the song as a medley starting with "The Fame", followed by "Money Honey" and ended with "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich". 

On January 21, 2010, Gaga started using a spiked ball chain which debuted on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

  1. Gaga wore a crown and bodysuit by Zaldy, boots by Zaldy (November 27, 2009 only) and boots by Ellie, with a spiked ball and chain by Zaldy (January 20-26, 2010).
Dancers — Leather jackets by Haus of Gaga
Backdrop — Gaga wears sunglasses by Versace and shoes by Alexander McQueen,

Money Honey

On November 27, Gaga used an ending remix using the "Raven Film" music.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

For the first part of the tour, the song was remixed with element from Dirty Freak from November 27 to December 19, 2009. The album version was performed on December 21 to January 26, 2010. {C}On the opening night, "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" was sung after "Just Dance" instead of being sung after "Money Honey".

Act V — City

Antler Film (Interlude)

In the interlude, Gaga is seen dancing and moving behind wires. It was shown on the stage screen curtain in full size. During the interlude, the conveyor belt was lowered on the stage. The music is based on "Fancy Footwork" (Crookers Remix) by Chromeo with vocals sample from "Shook One Pt. II" (DJ Fashen Remix) by Mobb Deep.

  1. Gaga wore an outfits with shoes by Alexander McQueen.
  2. Gaga wore a bra and corset by Atsuko Kudo, antlers by Nina Butkovich-Budden for Marko Mitanovski and shoes by Alexander McQueen.


Boys Boys Boys

Upholstered in black vinyl and nearly nude in a red patent leather bikini. She then sang "Boys Boys Boys," backed by a squadron of skinny, shirtless, snake-hipped leather boys.

On the opening night, "Boys Boys Boys" was sung after "LoveGame" instead of being sung before "Paper Gangsta".

"Paper Gangsta"

The stage was covered in fog with a dentist's chair placed at the center of the stage. She moved on the chair during the song while two of her female dancers did some jazz moves on stage. For this number, Gaga used an auto-tuned microphone except on the opening night on November 27. The song was cut for the last shows from January 21 to 26, 2010.

The backdrop featured Gaga smoking, close up of her face being deformed by a water drop / ripple kind of effect.

"Poker Face"

On the first 3 shows, an extended intro was performed before the album version. For the rest of the tour, a cappella of the "Mum mum mum mah" was used as introduction and parts of the Space Cowboy Remix were used at the end of the song. The stage lights were red and white with moving swirls lights projected on the floor. The backdrops had inclined rectangular shapes with Gaga's moving eyes in it. One scene also had a close up of Gaga's face similar to the "Paper Gangsta" backdrop but with no ripple effect.

Gaga pumped her hands in the air while performing the song.

  1. Guns headpiece by Miguel Villalobos for Zaldy with a matching harness by Zaldy, bra by Geoffrey Mac for Zaldy and brief by Atsuko Kudo on November 27 to December 3, 2009
  2. Red latex bra by Geoffrey Mac for Zaldy, underwear by Atsuko Kudo and shoes by Ellie on December 9, 2009 to January 26, 2010.

Manifesto of Little Monsters (Film)

On the opening night, the Apocalyptic Film was shown instead of the Manifesto. The following night and for the rest of the tour, the Manifesto was displayed.

This interlude featuring some footage of Lady Gaga wearing various costumes with an old piano in background while she reads a slightly modified version of the Manifesto of Little Monsters featured in the Book of Gaga.

Recorded vocals

This is the Manifesto of Little Monsters.

There's something heroic about the way my fans operate their cameras. So precisely, so intricately, and so proudly. Like Kings writing the history of their people. Its their prolific nature that both creates and procures what will later be perceived as "The Kingdom." So, the real truth about Lady Gaga fans, my little monsters, lies in this sentiment: They are the kings. They are the queens. They write the history of the kingdom, and I am something of a devoted Jester.

It is in the theory of perception that we have established our bond. Or, the lie, I should say, for which we kill. We are nothing without our image. Without our projection. Without the spiritual hologram of who we perceive ourselves to be, or rather, to become, in the future.

When you're lonely,
I'll be lonely too.
And this is The Fame.

Love and art,
Lady Gaga

  1. Gaga wore sunglasses by Alpina, mask by NOKI with a jacket by Marko Mitanovski.
  2. Gaga wore a dress by Alexander McQueen with sunglasses by Alpina.
  3. Gaga wore a clear rubber mask by Franc Fernandez.
  4. Gaga wore a black hair coat by Charlie le Mindu with spiked zip-mouth rubber mask by Jaiden rVa James.
  5. Gaga wore sunglasses by Alpina
  6. Gaga wore a Mickey mask by NOKI.


Note: Gaga kept her normal wig during this part of the show on November 27, 2009.

She returned on the stage while wearing multiple donned braided extensions for "Paparazzi". Gaga was perched atop a railing and from each of her braids and each dancer was attached to one braid on the stage. This was changed to her hair being locked on a moving bar on December 21, 2009 until the end of the tour. A backdrop of stars were shown during the performance with a silhouette of an alien dancing (Gaga wearing the same outfits from the "LoveGame" backdrop).

For this performance, Gaga had collaborated with her creative director Matthew "Dada" Williams on the Rapunzel wig. She commented:

I had a different vision for it in the beginning. Dada thought it should be braided, and I said, 'I never wear my hair braided.' He said, 'I know, but it's so Rapunzel, and it's something people deeply understand. And when you're wearing sunglasses on a scaffolding piece with a giant alien dancing behind you, I promise you it's not going to look like Rapunzel.'

The performance ended with Gaga faking her death.

Added crying and various other noises for the later dates.
The performance on December 1st included an intro with footage from the Monster Film and elements from the Fernando Garibay remix.
  1. Gaga wore a black vinyl cape by Olima with boots by Ellie on November 27 to December 17, 2009.
  2. Gaga wore a black latex outfit by Atsuko Kudo with boots by Ellie on December 18 to January 12 and January 20-26, 2010.
  3. Gaga wore a purple latex outfit by Atsuko Kudo with boots by Ellie on January 13, 2010.

Act VI — Monster Ball

Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

At this point, her dancers had picked up Gaga from the stage and no music, except a blue light on the outer frame of the stage was on. After a few minutes, a bright blue light appeared at the center of the stage revealing The Orbit spinning with Gaga inside saying "You didn't think I was gonna leave you, did you?". She then sang "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" alone on stage with '80s-inspired white power suit with exaggerated high shoulders and highwaisted pants (See outfits credits below on the Bad Romance section). This last part of the show, "The Monster Ball" signified her rebirth and the start of the future.

(Album version)

Bad Romance

The next and final song of the show was "Bad Romance" which she performed in the same outfit along with her dancers wearing a white shoulder piece with tight leggings. She usually sang a few lines of Bad Romance a cappella while her dancers stopped The Orbit to let her walk around the stage. (Sang a few lines acapella before doing the album version).

The backdrop featured a kaleidoscope effect in white using footage of Gaga.

  1. Gaga wore a white jacket by Zaldy, pants by Saint Laurent Paris and black bra by Geoffrey Mac for Zaldy on November 27 to December 1, 2009.
  2. Gaga wore a white jacket by Zaldy, white bra by Haus of Gaga and pants by Saint Laurent Paris on December 2-3, 2009.
  3. Gaga wore a white jacket by Zaldy, white bra by Atsuko Kudo and pants by Saint Laurent Paris on December 9-19, 2009.
  4. Gaga wore a disco jacket by Zaldy, disco bra by Haus of Gaga and pants by Saint Laurent Paris on December 21-22, 2009 and January 10-26, 2010.
  5. Gaga wore a disco jacket and bodysuit by Zaldy on December 23-27, 2009.
  6. Gaga wore a disco jacket and bodysuit by Zaldy with white pants by Saint Laurent Paris on December 28 to January 8, 2010.
  7. Gaga wore a disco jacket by Zaldy, bra by Atsuko Kudo and pants by Saint Laurent Paris on January 9, 2010.
  8. Gaga wore a dress by Olima on December 31, 2009 (NYE show).
Backdrop — Gaga wore a dress by Alexander McQueen with a headpiece by Nasir Mazhar.

Tattoo Film (Outro)

It comes after the performance of "Bad Romance", after Lady Gaga and the dancers walk offstage. The film is about Gaga getting the word 'Dad' inside of a heart tattoed while wearing exoskeleton hat and bracelet by Gary Card. Towards the end, Gaga takes off the mask, looks at the tattoo, and smiles. Throughout the entire video, "Blondel zu Marien, D. 626" (1818) by Franz Schubert is heard in the background. The song is a piano and voice arrangement based on an untitled poem by Josephine von Münk-Holzmeister, Freiin.

  1. Gaga wore an exoskeleton hat and bracelet by Gary Card.