The BrainEdit

This leads to the end of the first part where in a video introduction called "The Brain" starts with Gaga appearing again as Candy Warhol and brushing her hair.

"The Fame"Edit

After The Brain, Gaga is pulled by her dancers on a vespa. Then she starts singing "The Fame". At the end of the song, a remix of the song is played, the backdrop is the "Starstruck" backdrop from the her "New Kids On The Block: Live" opening acts only in Black and White version.

  1. Denim Outfit: 5/10/09
  2. Newspaper Outfit: 5/16/09 - 5/30/09

"Just Dance"Edit

Immediately after performing The Fame, Gaga moves into a performance of Just Dance with her dancers. The backdrop changes to show blinking disco lights and Gaga stands while wearing her video sunglasses which display the line "Pop Music Will Never Be Low Brow". Then a remix of the intro for "Just Dance" starts and Gaga starts singing it while moving around in choreographed dance moves as she is joined by her dancers on stage. The blinking disco lights backdrop are changed by some scences fo the music video of "Just Dance" but are a mess with colors. During the "half psychotic, sick hypnotic" interlude, Gaga brings out her trademark disco-stick again with the glasses. The performance ends with Gaga and her dancers taking a bow in front of the stage and exiting.

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