The Heart (Interlude) Edit

The show is mainly divided into four parts with the last part being the encore. The main show begins with a video introduction called "The HeART" where Gaga appears as alter-ego Candy Warhol. She shows the image of a pink heart on her t-shirt. The video is shown in projection on a giant screen in front of the stage. As the video approaches towards the end, a countdown from ten to zero happens, Gaga's face is shown wearing the video sunglass, and flames engulf the screen as it drops.

Recorded Speech

who shot Candy Warhol
MAN: Where is it? Where is it, Candy? Candy?
GRAPHIC ON THE SCREEN: Une Crevette Film - Starring
CANDY: He ate it.
MAN: Yes. I don't believe you.
CANDY: Look for yourself... Pop ate my heart.
MAN: I see.
CANDY: He downed the whole thing. In one efficient gulp. Like a beautiful monster then took off into the city.
MAN: Oh, Candy...
CANDY: And now I just feel ... I feel so...
MAN: Empty?
CANDY: No. No.
MAN: Candy?
CANDY: Free. I feel free.
End of the film, lead to a countdown followed by the Haus Intro.

I need m-m-m-more, to feed my pop heart
Give me more!
I want: The future, Gaga, Fashion, T-t-technology, Dance, New York, Music, Pop Culture!
I want the fame
I can hear you! Can you hear me?
The revolution is coming
And I want
W-w-we want, you deserve. The future
My name is Lady Gaga and this is my Haus!

Lady GagaSunglasses by Versace (Mod. 372DM 900), black hood, one piece and iPod LCD Glasses by Haus of Gaga

Paparazzi Edit

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The stage was covered in fog with three plates in the middle of the stage. Each plate had mirror pieces glued on them and was hold by a dancer. As the song progress, Gaga emerged from the "wall" with her dancers moving the plate as if it was a spyder leg. This was the first installation of the show called "Spider/Paparazzi shutter dress". Gaga wore a futuristic black dress in geometric patterns with a triangular piece on her right breast and peplum. Gaga comes out in the center as the plates roll around and she starts singing "Paparazzi".

  1. White outfit: 5/10/09.
  2. Mirrored dress by Muto-Little Costumes with black jacket: 5/16/09 - 5/30/09

LoveGame Edit

After "Paparazzi", she falls down while the plates cover her and they move. Gaga comes to the top of the pillar and sings a combination of "Starstruck" and "LoveGame" as she is joined by her dancers in tracks and jackets and hands Gaga her trademark disco stick. Wears same outfit worn during Paparazzi.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Edit

Starts next where Gaga frolicks with her dancers. Wears same outfit worn during Paparazzi and LoveGame as seen above.

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