Opening acts

Gaga personnally selected The White Tie Affair and Chester French. Cinema Bizarre was a proposition by her A&R Martin Kierszenbaum who signed them on Cherrytree Records.


In general, the set list consisted of songs from her debut album mainly. In interview with MTV, Gaga revealed that she was considering "Fashion" which was released on the original soundtrack of Confessions of a Shopaholic to be included. That particular song did not made the cut but was included in The Monster Ball  in 2009. She also revealed in that interview with Billboard her plan to debut a brand new song which was "Future Love", the song was performed in the North America dates only.

As the tour went on, Gaga made some revisions in the setlist, clothes and even the backdrops used. Three main alterations of the tour was made.

North America: DJ Version

The North America leg also known as the "DJ Version" because Space Cowboy played the tracks live on the stage. Learn more

Oceania: Doll Domination Version

The "Doll Domination Tour" as Gaga did a shortened version of the previous version with minor changes. Learn more

Eurasia: The Kidz

Finally, for the summer, Gaga created a live band for the Eurasia dates. Learn more

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