Gaga first announced the tour on February 19, 2011 during the first night of the last leg of The Monster Ball (2009-2011). Gaga stated that she originally intended to start the tour at the end of 2011. Gaga also stated during an interview with Fuse, that she wanted The Born This Way Ball Tour to be more like a continuation of The Monster Ball Tour; however, the continuation concept was not used.

On May 27, 2011, Gaga spoke to Australia's Sunday Herald Sun about the tour stating "the next tour I believe will be called the Born This Way Ball and that will be a much longer tour of Australia. Pink’s tour of Australia is truly inspiring. I don’t know if it will be that long but maybe if we’re lucky. It will be next year, at the top of next year. I think it’s really unfair that artists don’t bring their entire shows Down Under because it is quite expensive to cargo. But I don’t do this for the money. I do it for the thrill of music and theatre so I will be bringing my whole show with me."
On June 13, Gaga revealed further about the tour.

"I do have plans, it will be at the top of next year but I have to begin rehearsing by the end of this year. That's what I do. It's time for another marathon. If you're running a marathon, and you're about to cross the finish line, you don't stop and say, 'Oh, once I cross it, it's over.' You run as fast as you can to get there as quickly as you can. So I guess, for me, it's about how many marathons can I run? How many dreams can I make true? Now, not for me, but for my fans"