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Words {{DiscoNav|Words=1}}
Words (Stefani Germanotta Band)
Red and Blue {{DiscoNav|Red and Blue=1}}
Red And Blue (Stefani Germanotta Band)
The Fame {{DiscoNav|The Fame=1}}
The Cherrytree Sessions {{DiscoNav|The Cherrytree Sessions=1}}
The Cherrytree Sessions
HitMixes {{DiscoNav|HitMixes=1}}
(2009) Ca
The Fame Monster {{DiscoNav|The Fame Monster=1}}
The Fame Monster - Deluxe Edition
The Singles {{DiscoNav|The Singles=1}}
The Singles
(2010) Jp
The Remix {{DiscoNav|The Remix=1}}
Born This Way {{DiscoNav|Born This Way=1}}
Born This Way - Standard Edition
Born This Way – The Collection {{DiscoNav|Born This Way The Collection=1}}
Born This Way – The Remix {{DiscoNav|Born This Way The Remix=1}}
Born This Way Remix Cover
A Very Gaga Holiday {{DiscoNav|A Very Gaga Holiday=1}}
A Very Gaga Holiday - Artwork
ARTPOP {{DiscoNav|Artpop=1}}
ARTPOP album artwork
Cheek to Cheek {{DiscoNav|Cheek to Cheek=1}}
Cheek to Cheek Standard Edition artwork
Joanne {{DiscoNav|Joanne=1}}
Joanne Album Cover
A Star Is Born {{DiscoNav|A Star Is Born=1}}
ASIB Soundtrack album artwork
Live From The Apollo {{DiscoNav|Live From The Apollo=1}}
Live From The Apollo - Artwork
(2019) Us
Chromatica {{DiscoNav|Chromatica=1}}
Chromatica artwork

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