Not as good as I Wanna Be With You :(

I liked I Wanna Be With You better than Dope, she is more emotial in the live one... Why did they have to change it? It's like Aura, the leaked version was better :(

IamDaBest (talk) 00:58, November 5, 2013 (UTC)IamDaBest

Dope vs. I Wanna Be With You Edit

Dope vs. I Wanna Be With YouEdit

Unlike most of Lady Gaga's Little Monsters, I actually like "Dope" a lot more than "I Wanna Be With You". I think the words are a lot more powerful, and "Dope" is more catchy than "I Wanna Be With You". "I Wanna Be With You" it too long, and I much prefer "Dope"'s length.

"Dope" is actually my favorite song on ARTPOP, more than "Gypsy" and "Applause". It is heartbreaking and emotional, yet beautiful at the same time. This is also one of the only songs on "ARTPOP" in which Gaga uses little to none autotune, unlike some other "ARTPOP" songs (*cough *cough "AURA" *cough *cough). Gaga should work on more ballads like "Dope", becuase it really worked for me.

~ EA

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