The Spark Arena is a 12,000-seat arena for sports and entertainment events in Auckland, New Zealand. Named for a sponsor, Spark Mobile, the arena is located at Quay Park, Parnell, Spark Arena is the most current name of this arena, while from 2007 to 2017 the arena was named Vector Arena.

May 16, 2009[edit | edit source]

Part of the Doll Domination Tour, Lady Gaga was the opening act. Gaga began a new setlist for the Australian leg where she supported the Pussycat Dolls. She wore new outfits as well. She had a short blonde bob wig.

Set list:

    Name Time
     1 The Heart (Video introduction) 2:40
     2 "Paparazzi" 4:30
     3 "LoveGame" 3:20
     4 "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" 2:25
     5 The Brain (Video interlude) 1:20
     6 "The Fame" 3:45
     7 The Face (Video interlude) 1:35
     8 "Just Dance" 5:10
     9 "Poker Face" (Acoustic) 3:55
    10 "Poker Face" 3:40
    Total: 7 songs — 35 minutes

March 13-14, 2010[edit | edit source]

Part of The Monster Ball Tour.

Addtional notes:

  • Due to Gaga's fatigue, she had to take occasional pauses. She sat down on the stage during the two verses of "Bad Romance" and just stand up and started dancing from "Walk walk fashion baby" and until the end.
Set list:

Act I: NYC
 1. Jumping Film
 2. "Dance in the Dark"
 3. "Glitter and Grease"
 4. "Just Dance"
 5. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"
 6. "Vanity"
 7. "The Fame"
Act II: NYC Subway
 8. Puke Film
 9. "LoveGame"
10. "Boys Boys Boys"
11. "Money Honey"
12. "Telephone"
13. "Brown Eyes"
14. "Speechless"
15. Twister Film
16. "So Happy I Could Die"
Act III: Central Park
17. Antler Film
18. "Monster"
19. "Teeth"
20. "Alejandro"
21. Monster Film (Manifesto of Little Monsters)
22. "Poker Face"
Act IV: The Monster Ball
23. Apocalyptic Film
24. Battling a Paparazzo ("Paparazzi")
25. "Bad Romance"
26. Fan Film [edit set list]

June 7, 8, & 10, 2012[edit | edit source]

Part of The Born This Way Ball Tour.

Additional notes:

  • There was no Monster Pit at these shows.
  • On June 10, Lady Gaga was struck on the head by a pole during the "Judas" performance. Despite suffering a concussion, she continued her show and met fans backstage after the show.
  • Mother G.O.A.T. did not move on the middle.
Set list:
Act I
  1. Space (intro)
  2. "Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)"
  3. Operation: Kill the Bitch (interlude)
  4. "Government Hooker"
  5. Birth (interlude)
  6. "Born This Way"
  7. "Black Jesus † Amen Fashion"
  8. Interlude
  9. "Bloody Mary"
  10. Mother G.O.A.T. Manifesto I (interlude)
  11. "Bad Romance"
  12. Interlude
  13. "Judas"
Act II
  1. "Fashion of His Love"
  2. "Just Dance"
  3. "LoveGame"
  4. "Telephone"
  1. Mother G.O.A.T. Manifesto II (interlude)
  2. "Heavy Metal Lover"
  3. "Bad Kids"
  4. "Hair" (acoustic)
  5. "Yoü and I" (acoustic)
  6. "Electric Chapel"
Act IV
  1. Interlude
  2. "Americano" / "Poker Face" (medley)
  3. "Alejandro"
  4. "Paparazzi"
Act V
  1. "Scheiße"
  2. "The Edge of Glory" (acoustic + album)
  3. "Marry the Night"
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