This article is a stub. You can help Gagapedia by expanding it, adding pictures, and improving existing text."Something Has to Change" is the 55th episode of the MTV reality series, The Hills. It was also the fifth episode of the show’s fourth season. It was aired in September 8, 2009. The episode features special guest star Lady Gaga.


Filming for the fourth season of the Hills began in the spring of 2008. Danny Guez contacted the prodcution team for the show to announce he wanted them to work on an upcoming event for him fo his new label "Dylan George" and recommended styling an upcoming singer known as Lady Gaga. Filming for this episode was done on June 10, 2008. The footage involving Gaga was initially unaired but was released as a bonus scene when the DVD for the fourth season was released.

Lady Gaga plot summaryEdit

Lady Gaga was introduced to castmates Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, who were intended to style her for the upcoming Dylan George launch event. Lady Gaga provided an array of outfits and accessories to choose from in addition the the clothing already provided by the brand. Lauren and Whitney's involvement in the preparation was minimal as Gaga was very hands on in styling herself. When dressing for the event, the zipper on the back of Gaga's outfit broke, which was subsequently repaired by Lauren and Whitney. Lady Gaga then went on to perform at the Launch of Dylan George.

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