Semi Precious Weapons were a glam-rock band from NYC formed in 2004.

Relationship with Lady Gaga

When interview by SkopeMag, singer Justin Tranter recalled : Through friends of friends in New York City. Lady Starlight told us that GaGa was a very big fan of ours. We checked her out and saw that she was amazing, and just started opening shows for her. We became friends, and she ended up in one of our videos that we made. We heard of each other through friends in New York City, thank god, and now here we are on a world tour with her!

Work with Lady Gaga


  • Vocals: Justin Tranter
  • Guitar: Stevy Pyne (November 2008-Present)
  • Bass: Cole Whittle
  • Drums: Dan Crean

Former members

  • Guitar: Aaron Lee Tasjan (2004-2008)


The Precious EP

  1. "Semi-Precious-Weapons"
  2. "Classic Case"
  3. "Surgery"
  4. "Crack Open Your Gorgeous Face"
  5. "Too Pretty to Be a Cowboy"

The Magnetic EP

  1. "Magnetic Baby"
  2. "Rock & Roll Never Looked So Beautiful"
  3. "Jesus"
  4. "Dirty Lady"
  5. "Snap-A-Shot"
  6. "The Other Side"

We Love You

  1. "Taste"
  2. "Magnetic Baby"
  3. "Semi Precious Weapons"
  4. "Bleed To Heal"
  5. "Genius"
  6. "Her Hair Is on Fire"
  7. "That's Kunt"
  8. "Jesus"
  9. "Time Zones"
  10. "Rock n Roll Never Looked So Beautiful"

Semi Precious Weapons EP (2009)

  1. "Semi Precious Weapons"
  2. "Magnetic Baby"
  3. "Put A Diamond In It"

You Love You (2010)

  1. "Semi Precious Weapons"
  2. "Put A Diamond In It"
  3. "Magnetic Baby"
  4. "Statues Of Ourselves"
  5. "Sticky With Champagne"
  6. "I Could Die"
  7. "Leave Your Pretty To Me "
  8. "Rock N Roll Never Looked So Beautiful"
  9. "Look At Me"