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Yves Saint Laurent is a French fashion brand founded by Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé in 1961. Their collection, "Yves Saint Laurent Couture" or "Saint Laurent Paris 24, Rue de L’Université" is the French house's first couture collection ever since the retirement of its legendary founder in 2002. In 2012, Hedi Slimane became the elm of the brand which he renamed to Saint Laurent Paris, in 2016 he left. His first collection was Spring/Summer 2013. Prior to that, Slimane was the designer of the YSL Rive Gauche Homme collection from Fall/Winter 1997 to Fall/Winter 2000.







Coats and jacketsEdit


  1. "Trib Too" in size 33 ½, released in late 2008

Fall/Winter 1980 Haute Couture CollectionEdit

Fall/Winter 2000 RTW CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2009 RTW CollectionEdit

  1. Cage ankle boots

Fall/Winter 2009 RTW CollectionEdit

Resort 2010 CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2011 RTW CollectionEdit

  1. "Edition Soir" Collection: Online collection.

Fall/Winter 2011 RTW CollectionEdit

Cruise 2012 CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2012 RTW CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2013 RTW CollectionEdit

Pre-Fall 2013 RTW CollectionEdit

Autumn/Winter 2013 RTW CollectionEdit

Autumn/Winter 2013 RTW Menswear CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2014 RTW Womenswear CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2014 RTW Menswear CollectionEdit

Autumn/Winter 2014 RTW Menswear CollectionEdit

Cruise 2014 CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2014 RTW CollectionEdit

Fall/Winter 2014 RTW CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2015 RTW CollectionEdit

Fall/Winter 2015 RTW CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2015 RTW Menswear CollectionEdit

Autumn/Winter 2015 RTW Menswear CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2016 RTW Menswear CollectionEdit

Spring/Summer 2016 RTW CollectionEdit

Pre-Fall 2016 RTW CollectionEdit

Fall/Winter 2016 RTW CollectionEdit

Permanent CollectionsEdit

Unknown CollectionsEdit

  1. Blazer
  2. Tuxedo by Tom Ford


  1. Face: Youth Liberator Serum Foundation B30.
  2. Eyes: Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils # 1.
  3. Lips: Rouge Pur Couture # 51 Corail Urbain.




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