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SOMARTA (ソマルタ) is a Japanese fashion house founded by designer, Tamae Hirokawa. Her former, Issey Miyake team member, Hirokawa makes use of lace, masks and macramé. She joined Issey Miyake Co., Ltd. after graduating from Apparel Design Technique at Bunka Fashion College in 1998. As a designer, she took charge of the collection line of Issey Miyake Men and Issey Miyake. SOMA DESIGN was started in March 2006 to create fashion, graphic design, sound and art direction. Fashion label SOMARTA was launched at the same time.

Spring/Summer 2007 RTW CollectionEdit

Fall/Winter 2007 RTW "Potean" CollectionEdit

Fall/Winter 2008 RTW "L'Oiseau Bleu" CollectionEdit

Fall/Winter 2009 RTW "Adamantine" CollectionEdit

Fall/Winter 2010 RTW "Wunderkammer" CollectionEdit

  1. "Chimera" heels by Masaya Kushino for SOMARTA.

Fall/Winter 2012 CollectionEdit

Couture Evening 2012 CollectionEdit



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