The Rhino Film is an interlude featured on Joanne World Tour directed by Lobster Eye.


The Interlude starts with Gaga, who appears to have a shocked facial expression, waving her head around with all her hair flying around. After that, flashing visual images of Gaga (switching between wearing a white and a black t-shirt) jumping and dancing and clapping her hands around surrounded with purple tapestrips. After all the jumping and dancing around, Gaga appears to all of a sudden have Rhino horns on her face and slowly shows them while slowly waving her head and hair around. After that, Gaga’s dancer Ian McKenzie joins Gaga in jumping and dancing around with the Rhino horns on, surrounded by purple light. When the dancing and jumping is done,Gaga and Ian are both shows holding their hands and Gaga, now alone again, starts jumping and dancing around again and the Interlude ends with the same scene as the first scene of the Interlude, but this time Gaga is, once again, surrounded with purple light.


Lady Gaga wears two custom horns by AFX Studio. Two t-shirts by Saint Laurent’s short sleeve Boyfriend cotton jersey Collection, one in white and one in black. Aside from that, Gaga wears two necklaces by Martine Ali: the Flat Link necklace and a Broken ball chain choker. Aside from the necklaces, Gaga also appears to wear earrings by Justine Clenquet.


This Interlude, along with the others, has a special soundtrack, produced by DJ White Shadow and BeazyTymes.




Rhino Film

Rhino Film


Some of the pictures of the Rhino film where used for the official Joanne World Tour merchandise.


Direction Lobster Eye
Production company Madison + Vine
Cinematographer Benjamin Kitchens
Editor Jarod Shannon
Colorist Loren White
Music DJ White Shadow and BeazyTymes
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