This is a list of the officially commissionned and Lady Gaga-related professional remix chosen for release.


Not included in this listing
  • Remixes not officially commissioned by Lady Gaga and her record company, such as white label DJ mixes (professional or amateur).
  • Bootlegs and/or unofficial mixes and/or "mash-ups" even if constructed by big-name producers.

To avoid confusion, "White label" is not a term meant to be used for all unofficial remixes. It only refers to bootlegged records that usually have a plain white label. If a remix has never been pressed to an actual 12" record, it is not considered a "white label".

Remixes by Album

"Just Dance"

US JD.png
Lady Gaga - Just Dance (The Remixes - Pt. 2).jpg
  • Deewaan Remix (feat. Ash King, Wedis, Lush & Young Thoro)
  • Glam As You Mix [Guéna LG] (Club Mix, Radio Edit)
  • Harry Choo Choo Romero 'Bambossa' (Dub, Main Mix, Radio Edit)
  • Manny Lehman Club Mix
  • RedOne Remix
  • Richard Vission Remix
  • Robots to Mars Remix
  • Space Cowboy Remix
  • Stripped Down Version (Live)
  • Tony Arzadon (Edit, Remix)
  • Trevor Simpson (Edit, Remix)

"Poker Face"

USA PokerFace Remixes.png
  • Dave Audé (Dub, Radio Edit, Remix)
  • Glam As You (Club Mix, Radio Mix) [Guéna LG]
  • Jody den Broeder (Dub, Radio Edit, Remix)
  • LLG vs GLG Radio Mix [Guéna LG]
  • Piano & Voice Version (Live)
  • Space Cowboy Remix
  • Tommy Sparks & The Fury Remix

"Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)"

Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) Remix EP - Digital Cover.jpg
  • Bollywood Remix [Jatin Sharma]
  • Frankmusik "Cut Snare Edit" Remix
  • Mattafix Mix
  • Pet Shop Boys (Extended Mix, Radio Mix)
  • Piano & Human Beat Box Version (Live)
  • Random Soul "Synthetic" Mix


LoveGame remixes cover.png
  • Chester French Remix
  • Chew Fu "Ghettohouse" Fix (feat. Marilyn Manson)
  • Dave Audé (Club Mix, Radio Edit)
  • Jody den Broeder (Club Mix, Radio Edit)
  • Robots to Mars Remix
  • Space Cowboy Remix


USA Papa Remixes.png
Paparazzi (Part Deux).jpg
  • Chew Fu "Ghettohouse" (Fix, Radio Edit)
  • Dave Audé (Club Mix, Dub, Radio Edit)
  • Demolition Crew Remix
  • DJ Dan (Club Mix, Radio Edit)
  • Fernando Garibay Remix
  • Filthy Dukes Remix (Club Mix)
  • James Carameta (Tabloid Remix, Radio Edit)
  • Moto Blanco (Bostic Dub, Club Mix, Radio Edit)
  • Stuart Price Remix
  • YukSek Remix


  • "Boys Boys Boys" (Manhattan Clique (Remix, Radio Edit))
  • "The Fame" (Glam As You Remix (Remix, Radio Edit) [Guéna LG])

"Bad Romance"

USA BD Remixes1.png
Bad Romance - The Remixes (Pt. 2).jpg
  • Bimbo Jones (Radio Remix)
  • Dave Audé (Club Mix, Dub, Radio Edit)
  • Chew Fu "H1N1" (Fix, Radio Edit)
  • DJ Dan (Dub, Extended, Vocal)
  • Grum Remix
  • Hercules & Love Affair (Dub Remix, Remix)
  • Kaskade (Extended, Radio Edit)
  • Richard Vission (Club, Club Dub, Radio Edit)
  • Skrillex (Club Remix, Radio Edit)
  • Starsmith Remix

"Telephone" (feat. Beyoncé)

  • Alphabeat (Extended Remix, Remix Edit)
  • Crookers (Vocal Remix, Dub Remix)
  • DJ Dan (Vocal Remix, Extended Vocal Remix, Dub)
  • Doctor Rosen Rosen (Main Remix)
  • Electrolightz Remix
  • Kaskade (Radio Mix, Extended Remix, Dub Remix)
  • Ming (Dub Remix, Extended Remix, Radio Remix)
  • Passion Pit Remix
  • Tom Neville's "Ear Ringer" Remix (Club, Radio Edit)


  • Afrojack Remix
  • Bimbo Jones Remix (Radio, Dub, Vocal, Club Mix)
  • Chew Fu Club Remix
  • Dave Audé (Club Mix, Dub, Mixshow, Radio)
  • Electrolightz Remix
  • Kim Fai Remix
  • Kleerup Remix
  • Rusko's "Papuseria" Remix
  • Skrillex (Remix, Extended)
  • The Sound Of Arrows Remix

"Dance in the Dark"


"Born This Way"

  • Bimbo Jones (Club Remix, Radio Remix)
  • Bollywood Remix [Salim and Sulaiman]
  • Chew Fu "Born to Fix" Remix
  • Dada Life Remix
  • DJ White Shadow Remix
  • Grum Remix
  • Hector Fonseca Remix
  • Jost & Naaf Remix [David Jost And Jochen Naaf]
  • LA Riots Remix
  • LLG vs GLG Radio Mix [Guéna LG]
  • Manhattan Clique (Remix, Radio Remix)
  • Michael Woods Remix
  • Skrillex "Died This Way" Remix
  • Starsmith Remix
  • The Country Road Version (Fernando Garibay)
  • Twin Shadow Remix
  • UK Desi Hits! Remix [Culture Shock]
  • Zedd Remix


  • Chris Lake Remix
  • Dave Audé Remix
  • Desi Hits! "Bollywood" Remix [Salim and Sulaiman]
  • DJ White Shadow Remix
  • Goldfrapp Remix
  • Guéna LG Club Remix
  • Hurts Remix
  • John Dählback Remix
  • Mirrors Une Autre Monde Mix (Nuit, Jour)
  • R3hab Remix
  • Röyksopp's "European Imbecile Mix", "30 Pieces Mix"
  • Thomas Gold Remix

"The Edge of Glory"

  • Bare Noize Remix
  • Cahill "Major" (Club Remix, Radio Mix)
  • Cahill "Minor" Club Remix
  • Foster the People Remix
  • DJ White Shadow Remix
  • Funkagenda Remix
  • Porter Robinson Remix
  • Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix

"Yoü and I"

  • 10 Kings (Remix, Radio Edit)
  • ATB Remix
  • Danny Verde Remix
  • Hector Fonseca Remix
  • Mark Taylor (Remix, Radio Edit)
  • Metronomy Remix
  • Wild Beasts (Remix, Extended)

"Marry the Night"

  • Afrojack Remix
  • Danny Verde Remix
  • David Jost & Twin Radio Remix
  • Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix
  • John Dahlback Remix
  • Lazy Rich Remix
  • Quintino Remix
  • R3hab Remix
  • Sander van Doorn Remix
  • Sidney Samson Remix
  • Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs 'Marry Me' Remix
  • The Weeknd & Illangelo Remix
  • Zedd Remix


Born This Way Remix Cover.jpg


Applause Remixes.jpg
  • DJ White Shadow Trap Remix
  • DJ White Shadow Electrotech Remix
  • Chew Fu ReFix (Mixshow edit, Dub)
  • Purity Ring Remix
  • Empire Of The Sun Remix
  • Viceroy Remix
  • Fareoh Remix
  • Steven Redant, Danny Verde & Guy Scheiman - Bent Collective
  • Goldhouse Remix

"Do What U Want"

Do What U Want Remixes cover.jpg
  • DJWS Remix feat. R. Kelly & Rick Ross
  • DJ White Shadow Remix feat. R. Kelly
  • Chew Fu House ReFix feat. R. Kelly
  • Samantha Ronson Remix feat. R. Kelly
  • Kronic Remix feat. R. Kelly
  • Steven Redant 'Madrid' Radio Remix feat. Christina Aguilera
  • Steven Redant 'Madrid' Club Remix feat. Christina Aguilera
  • Steven Redant 'Barcelona' Club Remix feat. Christina Aguilera
  • Red Ant & Amp Lexvas Deep House Remix feat. Christina Aguilera


G.U.Y. The Remixes.jpg
  • KDrew Remix
  • Lovelife Remix
  • Rami Samir Afuni Remix
  • St. Lucia Remix
  • Wayne G 'Throwback Anthem' Remix

"I Can't Give You Anything But Love"

I Can't Give You Anything But Love artwork.jpg
  • Giorgio Moroder Remix
  • Parov Stelar Mix

"Million Reasons"

Million Reasons (KVR Remix).jpg
Million Reasons Andrelli Remix Artwork.jpg
  • KVR Remix
  • Andrelli remix

"Stupid Love"

Stupid Love Vitaclub Mix artwork.jpg
  • Vitaclub Warehouse Mix (feat. Vitaclub)
  • Ellis Remix
  • MASTERIA Remix
  • MNNR Remix

"Rain On Me"

ROM Purple Disco Machine Remix artwork.jpg
ROM Ralphi Rosario Remix artwork.jpg
  • Purple Disco Machine (Remix, Edit)
  • Ralphi Rosario (Remix, Edit)

"Free Woman"

Free Woman Honey Dijon Remix artwork.jpg
  • Honey Dijon Realness (Remix, Edit)


911 WEISS Remix artwork.jpg
  • Bruno Martini (Remix, Extended Remix)
  • Sofi Tukker (Remix, Extended Remix)
  • WEISS Remix

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