A recording studio is a facility for sound recording and mixing. Ideally, the space is specially designed by an acoustician to achieve the desired acoustic properties (sound diffusion, low level of reflections, adequate reverberation time for the size of the ambient, etc.). Different types of studios record bands and artists, voiceovers and music for television shows, movies, animations, and commercials, and/or even record a full orchestra. The typical recording studio consists of a room called the "studio", where instrumentalists and vocalists perform; and the "control room", which houses the equipment for recording, routing and manipulating the sound. Often, there will be smaller rooms called "isolation booths" present to accommodate loud instruments such as drums or electric guitar, to keep these sounds from being audible to the microphones that are capturing the sounds from other instruments or vocalists.

Recording studios by year
150 Studios • 333 Studios • The Dojo
2008 Chalice Studios • Cherrytree Recording Studios • Record Plant • 2nd Floor Studios • Darkchild Studios
2009 Darkchild Studios • FC Walvisch • Metropolis Studios • Paradise Studios • Record Plant • Studio Groove
2010 Studio 301 • Abbey Road Studios • Studio Bus • Sing Sing Studios • Studio at the Palms • The Living Room Studios • Ware House Productions • Germano Studios • Olle Romö • Allertown Hill • Gang Studio • Officine Mechaniche Studios
2011 Setai Recording Studio • Paradise Studios • Studio Bus
2013 Record Plant • CRC Studios • Platinum Sound Recording Studios • Shangri-La Studios • 80 Hertz Studios • Piano Music Studios
2014 KAS Music and Sound • Manhattan Center Studios • Avatar Studios
Dragonfly Creek Recording Studio • GenPop Laboratory • Green Oak Studios • Gypsy Palace Studios • Pink Duck Studios • Shangri-La Studios • Vox Recording Studios • Woodshed Recording • Diamond Mine Recording Co. • Electric Lady Studios • Fisher Lane Farm • Zelig Studios • 123 Studios • Sol Studios
EastWest Studios • The Village Studios • Shangri-La Studios • Electric Lady Studios • Woodrow Wilson Studios
EastWest Studios • Conway Recording Studios · Henson Recording Studios · Good Father Studios · MXM Studios
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