"Ratchet" is a song by Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks recorded for ARTPOP, although it did not make the final cut. The Idolator reported that while at the red carpet in London for the GQ Men of the Year Awards on September 4, 2012, Banks confirmed rumors that she had been working with Gaga in the studio for the ARTPOP sessions. “I worked on a song for her”, Banks told Capital FM. “I don’t know if it will make her record. I hope it will… but we’ll wait and see”. Gaga included "Ratchet" in a hashtag on a tweet sent to Banks on September 12. DJ White Shadow also played a preview of the beat during the Fame launch at the Guggenheim in New York City on September 13, however, it is currently unknown as to whether the preview that was played is the original or a remixed version. On her YouTube video, AN ARTPOP INVENTION, she sings lyrics from Ratchet. The instrumental version of the song was released on DJ White Shadow's Clock Is Ticking EP in December 2013.


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Sep 2 Boujis London Gb.png


[Snippet 1]
Dance too much money in the pants
Dance too much money in the pants
Oh, ratchet sluts!

[Snippet 2]
[...] ratchet!
Don't fuck that chick she's ratchet!
Now go home, now go home
Don't make me get my hatchet
I know you wanna smash it
Don't fuck that chick she's ratchet!


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