Photoshoot is the name of the thirty fifth week of Transmission Gagavision released on February 24, 2009. The photo shoot featured was by Kane Skennar.


At Kane Skennar photoshoot

In a waiting room

Lady Gaga: I would always try to get into big clubs. I didn't have ID or anything with me. My girlfriends and I would get really, really messed up. And then we would, instead of getting on the line, walk to the front of the rope, on the side, you know where the line isn't right in the front, and we walked in front and go "Oh my gosh1 how are you? It's so great to see you again," and give kisses on cheeks, and they would imagine that they've met us before. And we would go all the time, and they let us right in. We always got in. One time, I got a but cocky and I wore sneakers.I wore sneakers that night. I don't wear sneakers at night. I don't wear flip flops in public. Not in New York.
Man: Why is that?
Lady Gaga: You're not going to get in.
Man: No.
Lady Gaga: Ha ha. No.



  • (Repeated 2 times)
  • |@<|y g@g@ - Transmission Gagavision - |@<|y g@g@ (Repeated 3 times)
  • Lady Gaga headline "Fame Ball" tour, March 11 - April 9, USA and Canada
  • Lady Gaga: The Cherrytree Sessions EP - available online now...CD exclusively at Borders on February 24


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