"Partynauseous", stylized as "PARTYNAUSEOUS" is a song written in 2012 by Lady Gaga. It was planned to be a collaboration with Kendrick Lamar for his debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city in 2012. The song was scheduled to be released on iTunes on September 6, 2012, one month before the album. The release was later scrapped due to creative differences between Gaga and Lamar's teams. The song was later used as an interlude on the ARTPOP Ball in 2014. A version of the song, different from the interlude used on the tour, with 3 minutes and 30 seconds leaked on May 2015.


Gaga stated that the song is about her experiences regarding Jakarta in July of 2012, where she was forced to cancel a performance of The Born This Way Ball Tour due to strong threats of violence from Islamic extremists should the concert be performed, and how she wished she could "get high with the country" and make peace.[1]

On July 17, 2012, Tara Savelo posted a photograph of Kendrick Lamar with Gaga inside a recording studio in Chicago. Gaga confirmed via Twitter on August 15 that she worked on a song for Lamar's album.

I am so excited to announce that a record I've been working on has now become a collaboration with @KendrickLamar for HIS ALBUM. @kendricklamar and I are dropping the record SEPT 6. Its called "PARTYNAUSEOUS".[2]

—Lady Gaga announcing the collaboration via Twitter

She then explained that she brought the song to Kendrick Lamar, and their discussions about life and Lamar's views of love and hip hop brought much new meaning to the song. Lamar describes his poetry in the song as dark, "but that peak of light that shines thru is hope and desperation". He also says that the song is personal on both ends.[3] During a chat on Little Monsters, Gaga revealed that the song genre is "hip hop /pop/ with a hint of J-pop techno".

The tracklist for Lamar's album was revealed on October 2, 2012, without "PARTYNAUSEOUS". On October 4, 2012, Gaga posted on Little Monsters a note explaining the situation with the song:

"I apologize to the fans that this situation with Partynauseous is confusing. To it clear it up I must explain this. When I collaborate with an artist i work solely with them, not with their camps or management. Its purely organic and creative. I love Kendrick dearly as a friend, but was not willing to compromise musically to the changes his team was making to my music. This is why I am not his record. I have a very specific vision as a producer and songwriter, and I always have. That song will be released at a different time, for a different project. I love you, and think you should check out his stuff because he is truly great. He's a good kid, its just sometimes a mad city."

Asked about "PARTYNAUSEOUS" by MTV Hive in November of 2012, producer T-Minus confirmed what happened with the song: "From what I understand, it seemed like they [Gaga’s camp] had a direction they wanted to go in and Kendrick and I had a different direction. It just so happened that it didn’t go through. All parties have to agree. I saw it as a great opportunity for Kendrick to get a record from Gaga but if they can’t make that approval then hey, it can’t go through. But the beat is hot as fuck. I promise you."


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Demo version

[Lady Gaga]:
Nod if you want to be high with the enemy
It's a test of your stamina, do your best
Nod if you want to make love with the enemy
Roll it up, baby, smoke it up 'til we're flyin'

[Kendrick Lamar]:
Tell my mama it's bad karma, I just killed a man
Tell your auntie he got to pardon me if I hide my hand
Fuck what you heard, this shit is revolutionary
Fuck what you heard, this is the last illusion, bury
Me with the nerve and ninety-five marksmen
So I can shoot this game until my trigger finger jam
I see red flag, I see blue flag

I pick a color, then make sure I don't give you a pass
You call it gang violence, you call it livin' mad
I called it life, but now I'm like, 'I fuckin' hate it bad'
And so we holler, 'Fuck what you heard
See, we been down for too long
Fuck what you heard, we been tired of doin' wrong
If you got the nerve to man up and kill a man
Then man up double time and shake that adversary's hand, bang

[Lady Gaga]:
Nod if you want to be high with the enemy
It's a test of your stamina, do your best
Nod if you want to make love with the enemy
Roll it up, baby, smoke it up 'til we're flyin'

[Kendrick Lamar]:
Um, this for the hatred in you
This is for that place of darkness they have placed into you
This is for the early coffins of those discriminated
Or racially profiled, I can look you in the eye
And make a vow that I'll never make another assumption
That you'll never be nothin' to me, he fin' if you did the opposite
I'll still run with pleasure
Doin' you the favour of cuttin' through the evil
Kendrick Lamar like God-lover of all people, bang

[Lady Gaga]:
Prepare, I descend from the East, my name is Lady Gaga
We partynauseous cause, ma
Prepare, I descend from the West, my name is Kendrick Lamar
We partynauseous cause, ma

Nod if you want to be high with the enemy
It's a test of your stamina, do your best
Nod if you want to make love with the enemy
Roll it up, baby, smoke it up 'til we're flyin'

artRAVE version

Hands up

I, I want to come and make peace with you
but they won't let me, no, they won't let me through
I don't mind if they a-arrest me
'cause I'm wearing my Versace

Why can't we just, put on a smile
and a buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz
We all might be sick
Whether it's at first or after a few drinks
we're gonna unite, don't they?

We're currently set from the East
I'm from Jakarta-a-a
We PARTYNAUSEOUS 'cause I seem to problem with ya
We're currently set from the West
My name is Lady Gaga
We PARTYNAUSEOUS 'cause I seem to problem with ya

Nod, if you wannna be high with the enemy
It's a test and you better do your best
Nod, if you wanna make love with the enemy
Go and love, Baby smoke it up till we're high

Now jump!

In a way exhausting
with problem solving
Drink 'till she's attractive
coming from diplomatic
Our problem plastic
Making that peace attractive