"Paradise" is a song written by Lady Gaga from her collaborative album with Tony BennettCheek to Cheek. Bennett revealed the song title in an interview, stating that it is one of the original tracks written by Gaga for the album, but the song was not included on the final track list as Gaga was too nervous to put it on the album, since it was her first Jazz composition.

However, in an exclusive Q & A on Gaga Daily with fans, Gaga revealed that we might hear the song someday and that it's inspired by her father's sister and him, and the phrases as they are traded are meant to be their words to each other right before she died. She died very young, but she wrote a poem about Heaven right before it happened, and that's why it's called 'Paradise'.

It was believed that the song would be released in "Joanne", however it didin't make the cut.

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