Norbert Schoerner is a German photographer and filmmaker based in London. He specializes in layered imaging and digital post production. His work has been featured in the NY Times Magazine, Vogue and Another Magazine.

He did a photoshoot with Lady Gaga for the promotion of Chromatica.

February 11, 2020

Date February 112020
Camera Nikon D850 Pro by Nikon Corporation
Fashion Directon Nicola Formichetti at Haus of Gaga
Art Direction Studio Pending (Travis Brothers, Bryan Rivera, Isha Dipika Walia & Darío Alva)
Stylist Marta Del Rio at Haus of Gaga
Hair stylist Frederic Aspiras at Haus of Gaga
Make-up artist Sarah Nicole Tanno at Haus of Gaga
Nail artist Miho Okawara
Set Design Andy Harman
Lighting technician Tom Moran
CG elements Darío Alva
Produced by Lalaland, Joy Asbury Productions
2-11-20 Norbert Schoerner 001 Cropped.jpg

Lady Gaga wears a custom pink metal armor with high neck, wide shoulders, leg harness, a structured bra, and high heels by Laurel DeWitt, "Mech" claw glove by Gary Fay, and the "Kidness Mask" face stickers by Face Lace.

Lady Gaga wears a leather armor and an ankle boot by Cecilio Castrillo, a horn pump by Gasoline Glamour, a single hand by Gary Fay, and longer nails by Miho Okawara.

Lady Gaga wears a custom bodysuit by Augusto Manzanares, boots by Pleaser, rings by Lillian Shalom, and a helmet by Xtian de Medici.

Lady Gaga wears a custom outfit by SSIK, boots by Pleaser, and gloves by Agnieszka Osipa.

Lady Gaga wears a custom headpiece by GummiBär Latex in collaboration with Venus Prototype.

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