We live in a world where, sadly most producers work out of their mothers basements, constantly regurgitating the same old tired beatz over and over again, like people won’t notice. Luckily for you, three producers in Philly, who go by the name Noize Trip seek to change the status quo. Though they all come from vastly different backgrounds, these guys work together like a finely oiled classic car, meshing their talents to produce new and fresh sounds on a daily for the likes of; The peas, The Roots, Macey Gray, not to forget the delicious Fergie and Se7en. Most days you can find them at Larry Gold’s, toiling away amid a myriad of vinyl, hot tube gear, and computer screens tethered to a handful of computers and laptops.

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Production with Lady GagaEdit

Noize Trip worked with Lady Gaga on the following song(s):

Songs currently unreleased:

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