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Nicole Ehrlich (PGA) is an American producer and director from New York. She started her career in the entertainment business at age 17, winning “Best Young Media Artist” at the Utah Short Film and Video Festival and “Best Experimental Film” at the New Orleans Film Festival. Prior to that, Ehrlich worked as the vice president of Creative Services & Broadcast/New Media at Universal Music Group for Interscope/Geffen/A&M (IGA) for over 10 years. Ehrlich is currently the CEO of Rocket In My Pocket, an entertainment company that she founded in January of 2013.

Relationship with Gaga

In October 3, 2008, Ehrlich became involved with Gaga for the music video of "Poker Face" as her creative producer. She described her job as "helping her bring her dreams for the video to life". The two would then continue their collaboration on more than 13 music videos and select other projects ever since.


  • Lady Gaga personally thanked Nicole in her acceptance speech for 'Best Pop Video' at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Won a Grammy in 2011 as the producer for 'Best Short Form Music Video' for "Bad Romance"
  • Was a producer on HBO's Lady Gaga presents: The Monster Ball Tour, which won an Emmy.
  • Lady Gaga personally thanked Nicole in the liner notes of "The Fame" and "Born This Way"
  • She is philanthropically active in The Born This Way Foundation. Ehrlich curated a Brave Society: Celebrating Women Artists during Art Basel 2013 with Paddle8 benefiting the foundation.

Work with Lady Gaga

Year Project Role
2008 "Poker Face"

(Music video)

"Don't Give Up" (Music video) 1
2009 "LoveGame" (Music video)
"Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" (Music video)
"Paparazzi" (Music video)
"Bad Romance" (Music video) Producer and commissioner
2010 "Telephone" (Music video) Producer
"Alejandro" (Music video)
2011 "Born This Way" (Music video)
Google Chrome: Lady Gaga (Commercial)
"Judas" (Music video)
Lady Gaga Presents: The Monster Ball Tour
at Madison Square Garden
concert special
Creative producer
"The Edge of Glory" (Music video) Producer
"Yoü and I" (Music video)
A Very Gaga Thanksgiving TV special for ABC
"Marry the Night" (Music video)
2014 "G.U.Y." (Music video) Producer and 2nd unit drone helicopter director
"Anything Goes" (Studio video) Director
"I Can't Give You Anything But Love" (Studio video)
"But Beautiful" (Studio video)
1 Unreleased collaboration of The Midway State featuring Lady Gaga.