Nicolas Hidiroglou did a photoshoot with Lady Gaga in 2009 for Les Inrockuptibles magazine.

February 25, 2009Edit

  1. Lady Gaga wears a dress by Viktor & Rolf.
  2. Lady Gaga wears a body by Jean-Claude Jitrois, a fishnet by Josep Font, shoes by Tsuru and a headpiece by Tilmann Grawe.
  3. Lady Gaga wears two outfits by Manish Arora.
  4. Lady Gaga wears a jacket by Josep Font , pants by José Castro and shoes by Viktor & Rolf.
  5. Lady Gaga wears a bustier by Yiorgos Eleftheriades and a headpiece by Tilmann Grawe.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Stylist — Hiron Guiguin
  • Hair & Makeup — Vincent Allegro

Media use Edit


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