Muto-Little Costumes is a costume shop located in Larchmont, Los Angeles. The main designers behind the company are Kim Little and Antoinette Muto.

Work with Lady Gaga

Paparazzi Dress, 2009

The Mirrored Dress is a dress worn, mainly during Lady Gaga's tours. The first version of this dress was largely black, with hand rests built into the skirt, and two large glass covered triangular segments. A latter version of the dress would completely replace the black with mirror shards. Another variation of the dress, which included no mosaic mirror tiles, was also worn during her supporting act in Take That's Wembley performance. Underneath the dress, Gaga wears a second black lace skirt. During the The Fame Ball Tour, Gaga performed "Paparazzi" with the dress along with the Mirrored Mask surrounded by her dancers with miror walls.

The dress was used in Glee when Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), settles on her thoughts about her newly-revealed mother after a dress similar to the Kermit Dress due to her insecurity.


  1. Leather Studded Corset, it was stolen after the performance.
  2. Nude bodysuit
  3. Purple Jacket with Oversized Shoulders
  4. Mirrored bodysuit by Haus of Gaga with Natali Germanotta and Swarovski Elements
  5. The oversized jacket was a new version of a jacket they made for the Monster Ball in 2010
  6. Kimono-sleeve jumpsuit in collaboration with Perry Meek of Haus of Gaga


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