"Musicland" is an up-tempo piano pop song, written by Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari (Team Love Child). The song was released shortly on Lady Gaga's PureVolume page in 2006. On the same site, one of her digital EPs is titled Musicland. The song was registered on ASCAP, but was removed sometime in 2008. However, it remains registered on Fusari's ASCAP repertoire. Musicland was going to be performed at Much Music Awards 2009, but was removed from the setlist last-minute. Gaga also sound-checked a few lines of this song during some South Korean interview in 2008.


I have a fever at the disco,
Sirens are screaming,
And I'm losin' control!
Someone turned out,
The lights in musicland,
But the record starts to spin,
I feel the music and,
We start to dance, yeah!



  • Sony/ATV Songs LLC / House of Gaga Publishing LLC (BMI)
  • Sony/ATV Tunes LLC / June Bug Alley (ASCAP)
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