Music Station is a talk show, hosted in Japan. Featured guests include such artists as Ayumi Hamasaki.

June 12, 2009Edit

Lady Gaga's first appearance on Japan's Music Station. She featured three male back-up dancers on this performance.

Set list
  1. "Just Dance"
  1. Sunglasses by Alpina, custom outfit by Jeremy Scott

April 16, 2010Edit

Lady Gaga (レディ・ガガ) made an appearance on the show once again while in the midst of The Monster Ball Tour. While on the show, two segments were filmed, a questioning segment, and a performance segment. During the performance, an intro was added to the song, much like the intro on the Jonathan Ross performance, only, the intro was in Japanese.

Set list
  1. "Telephone" (Contained elements of Alphabet Remix)

Fashion creditsEdit

December 23, 2011Edit

Set list
  1. "Marry the Night"
  2. "Born This Way"

November 29, 2013Edit

Set list
  1. "Applause"


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