Michael Ngo is a Los Angeles based fashion designer that was born and raised in San Jose, CA. He began working full-time as a sales stylist at a high-end designer store on Melrose Place, where he helped styled various clients for film, television, and music. In 2011, during her performance in front a sold-out Staples Center, Gaga spotted him and called out from the stage “B*tch! That is a really great outfit. Did you make that yourself? You are f*cking talented!”. Ngo was fortunate to give the first of three jackets to her when he met her in May 2012. He graduated from The Art Institutes Of California, as the Valedictorian of the Fall 2014 Graduating Class. After graduation, Ngo worked for his first runway collection —Shinobi Ballroom—, debuting at Los Angeles Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015. He is a closer friend of GEE.

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