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February 14, 2008Edit

In early 2008, Metromix producer Kirk Miller interviewed a relatively unknown star of New York's cabaret/burlesque underground named Stefani Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga. At the time, Gaga was performing at a Metromix-sponsored Valentine's Day party called "X Your Ex" (don't ask). She had just relocated to Los Angeles to work on her first album for Interscope Records, a "concept record" (as we described it back then) called "The Fame". Little did we know…

Hi there, uh, Lady. Describe your live show!

It’s called the Lady Gaga Revue—it’s kind of a pop show mixed with burlesque and a '70s variety show. It mixes all of my loves into one package.

So, were you a pop star who adapted burlesque, or vice versa?

Actually, I was in theater for a long time. I did a lot of musicals, play, even lighting. But I wanted to create my own character… so I came up with Lady Gaga. It’s just an extreme version of all I love in art and music. It’s me on steroids.

Roger Clemens aside, what were your influences for the Lady Gaga Revue?

I think the act is an incredible journey through music. It’s theater, it’s rock… actually, I love rock operas, hair metal, glam metal, and really theatrical stuff. I’m even named after a song by Queen (“Radio Ga Ga”). I wanted the show to tell the story, and for the costumes to infuse the music. I don’t want lame pop music or guys in hoodies.

Musically, what inspires you?

I wanted to revive pop music. I love Ace of Base, Swedish pop with big choruses… I wanted to do some of that, but bring it back in a way that’s new and fresh. I want people to say, “That’s so Bowie! That’s so Berlin! That’s so Sonny and Cher!”

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day?

It would probably include a latex jumpsuit, some baby oil and some really long eyelashes… and a room full of 50 to 200 people dressed the same way. Oh, and chocolate. Something to lick off the latex, maybe…

Do you design your own outfits?

Yes. It started when I was go-go dancing, and it was too expensive to purchase new outfits. I hate wearing the same thing twice, so I started buying fabrics and embellishing lingerie. My favorite is this disco look I have, where I have a bra covered in mirrors, and my boobs look like two disco balls. The bottom corset is an S&M thingy with square mirrors… you’ll see it in one of music videos. I’m hanging from a trapeze, spinning around. I'm like a human disco ball.

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