Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott are a duo of fashion photographers. Mert Alas was born in 1971 in Istanbul, Turkey while Marcus Piggott was born in Bangor, Wales the same year.

April 6, 2012Edit

Date April 6, 2012
Location New York City, NY Us
Styling Grace Coddington (Vogue)
Hair stylist Luigi Murenu for John Frieda
Makeup artist Lucia Pieroni for Clé de Peau Beauté
Producer Libi Molnar for NorthSix
00-00-12 Mert and Marcus 001

Lady Gaga wears a custom dress by Marc Jacobs.

Lady Gaga wears a hat by Stephen Jones.

Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Alexander McQueen and heels by Pleaser.

Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Marc Jacobs and a hat by Stephen Jones for Marc Jacobs.

Lady Gaga wears a scarf by Marc Jacobs.

Lady Gaga wears a scarf Marc Jacobs, a hat by Stephen Jones for Marc Jacobs and heels by Ellie.

Vogue (September 2012, Behind the Scenes)

Vogue (September 2012, Behind the Scenes)

Vogue presents LADY GAGA
Director Mert and Marcus
Editing N/A
Music "Hair"

October 28, 2013Edit

The photographs from this date, have been deleted by rights claims copyright infringement. So in this Wikia will not be republished. Please don't upload full photoshoot.

Date October 28, 2013
Location London, UK Gb
Camera IQ160 by Phase One
Styling Joe McKenna
Hair stylist Garren
Makeup artist Lucia Pieroni
Creative director Giovanni Bianco
10-28-13 Mert and Marcus 003

Lady Gaga wears a dress by Assaad Awad.

Lady Gaga wears a gown, a necklace, and six rings by Versace.

Lady Gaga wears jeans, a belt, two necklaces, and eleven rings by Versace.
This 3nd look was cut from the final campaign.

Lady Gaga wears a bra, a skirt, a belt, sandals, eleven rings, sunglasses, and a handbag by Versace.

Lady Gaga wears a dress, a harness, and seven rings by Versace.

Lady Gaga wears a dress, pumps, a necklace, nine rings, and four handbags around her by Versace.

Versace Spring/Summer 2014 advertising campaignEdit



Marcus explained to Style magazine that they wanted Gaga to look like Donatella Versace for the shoot. He recalled that they didn't know the concept a few weeks before the shoot which at the time, Donatella revealed to them that Gaga wrote a song called Donatella. The song gave them the idea of transforming Gaga into Donatella for the shoot.

Was it intentional to make Lady Gaga look like a mini Donatella Versace in the campaign?
MA: Yeah! We were like, “What are we gonna do for Lady Gaga?” She’s done every amazing look. She’s been every kind of monster. But a few weeks before the shoot, Donatella told me that Gaga did a song called “Donatella,” and we said, “Oh, my God. This is it! She’s Donatella! She’s got to be Donatella!”
What was Donatella’s reaction when she saw Lady Gaga in her image?
MP: She loved it.
MA: She was so much fun. We listened to the song “Donatella” so loud on set, and on one side there was Donatella, and on the other side was Donatella. At one point, I said, “I think we should do the hair like this.” And then Gaga said, “Would Donatella wear it like that?” And Donatella said, “Yes, she would wear it like that.”


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