Mercura NYC is made by Rachel Cohen-Lunning and Merrilee Lichtenstein Cohen, two sisters. Together they designed metal body sculptures and art at the Hotel Chelsea in the mid 1970's. Artwork included unique fantasy jewelry, metal dresses, metal bustiers, gauntlet cuffs, headdresses, crowns, metal hoods, and eyewear, cigarette holders, head ornaments, boxes and paintings, and table-mounted sculptures. They continue to have their design studio at the Chelsea and at a large work loft in the Flatiron Neighborhood.


  • "Cat Ears" [A] optical quality sunglasses sculpted in 2007
  • "Moon" [B] optical quality sunglasses sculpted in 1989
  • "Concentric Geodesic Sundials" [C]
  • "Chelsea Twilight" [D]



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