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Matthew Williams (born Matthew Michael Willams on October 17, 1985 in California) also known by the nickname "Dada", was the creative director of the Haus of Gaga from 2008 until the fall of 2010. "Matty Dada" is also one of Lady Gaga's ex-boyfriends. In 2009, he dated Erin Hirsh and they had a boy together called Cairo Alexander Williams named after skateboard Cairo Foster.

Meeting GagaEdit

Williams met Gaga in a sushi restaurant in L.A. where they became best friends and dated on-off for a year in 2008

Dada is quite brilliant and we were crazy lovers, but I stopped it when we discovered what a strong creative connection we had. I didn’t want it just to be about careless love.

—Lady Gaga

Haus of Gaga's first creative directorEdit

On his free time, he designed clothes and props for her live performances in 2008. One of his most known items is the disco stick. The main idea was that even in dark club, Gaga could become the light source. At first, they were the main duo behind the Haus of Gaga along with Gaga's manager and staff. For her first world tour in 2009, Gaga hired Williams full time and by around the end of 2010, Williams left the Haus of Gaga. The music video for "Alejandro", the first Monster Ball Tour and "SUPREME x GAGA" were their final projects together.

Work with The Haus of GagaEdit

List of all the work Matthew Williams did for the Haus of Gaga as Creative Director from 2008 to Fall of 2010.

Clothes and itemsEdit

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  1. "SUPREME x GAGA was my last project I put together and art directed for her." (From Matthew William's Twitter)



August 6, 7, 13, 2009Edit

  • Camera — D-LUX 3
  • Camera manufacturer — Leica

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January 2010Edit

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February 16, 2010Edit

April 20, 2010: GAGAKOHEdit

Published in Vogue Hommes Japan.

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