Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden, often abbreviated as MSG and known colloquially as The Garden, is the name of the arena in Manhattan, New York City, located at 8th Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets, situated on top of Pennsylvania Station. This is actually the fourth Garden, and its construction involved the demolition of Penn Station's massive, ornate train shed. In July 2013, the City of New York gave the Garden ten years to find a new home, so that the station can be rebuilt.

October 27, 2008Edit

Part of the New Kids on the Block: Live tour.

Set list

 1. Haus Introduction
 2. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"
 3. Pop Ate My Heart
 4. "LoveGame, The Fame"
 5. "Starstruck"
 6. "Paparazzi"
 7. Phantom
 8. "Poker Face"
 9. "Just Dance" [edit set list]

December 12, 2008Edit

Lady Gaga was playing at the Z100 Jingle Ball.

Set list
  1. "Just Dance"

July 6-7, 9, 2010Edit

Part of The Monster Ball Tour.

Addtional Notes:

  • Gaga's high school dream was to headline here, which all tickets were sold out.
  • Due to a big venue, the interlude in the projector screen had two videos. One on the left and one on the right.
    Set list

Act I: NYC
 1. Jumping Film
 2. "Dance in the Dark"
 3. "Glitter and Grease"
 4. "Just Dance"
 5. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"
 6. "Vanity"
 7. "The Fame"
Act II: NYC Subway
 8. Puke Film
 9. "LoveGame"
10. "Boys Boys Boys"
11. "Money Honey" + Virgin Call Gag
12. "Telephone"
13. "Speechless"
14. "You and I"
15. Twister Film
16. "So Happy I Could Die"
Act III: Central Park
17. Antler Film
18. "Monster"
19. "Teeth"
20. "Alejandro"
21. Monster Film (Manifesto of Little Monsters)
22. "Poker Face"
Act IV: The Monster Ball
23. Apocalyptic Film
24. Battling a Paparazzo ("Paparazzi")
25. "Bad Romance"
26. Fan Film [edit set list]

February 21-22, 2011Edit

These two performances were professionally recorded for the HBO special, Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden.

  • HBO tweeted about the event.
"Put your paws up for the HBO camera crews at tonight's sold-out Monster Ball at Madison Square Garden. #gagahbo #ladygaga #gaganyc" 8:05 AM Feb 22nd via HootSuite

Additional Notes (February 21st):

  • On February 21st, Paul McCartney attended the show and was also seen dancing during the "Antler Film".
  • The audio was late during the  "Jumping Film".
  • On the same date, Gaga didn't put up the wings of the Living Dress until the end.
  • Fernando Garibay tweeted about his spotting of McCartney.
"Watching Paul McCartney dance to "Born This Way" at the Monster Ball I can only assume was like watching Jesus dance to "A Hard Day's Night"" 9:44 PM Feb 21st via Twitter for iPhone

Additional Notes (February 22nd):

  • A fan gave Gaga a jar of Nutella
  • Gaga said "I'm not going to lipsync my way through an HBO special. Especially not while Liza's watching." (Referring to Liza Minnelli, who attended the show.)
    Set list

Act I: NYC
 1. Jumping Film
 2. "Dance in the Dark"
 3. "Glitter and Grease"
 4. "Just Dance"
 5. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"
 6. "The Fame"
Act II: NYC Subway
 7. Puke Film
 8. "LoveGame"
 9. "Boys Boys Boys"
10. "Money Honey"
11. "Telephone"
12. "You and I"
13. Twister Film
14. "So Happy I Could Die"
Act III: Central Park
15. Antler Film
16. "Monster"
17. "Teeth"
18. "Alejandro"
19. Monster Film (Manifesto of Little Monsters)
20. "Poker Face"
Act IV: The Monster Ball
21. Apocalyptic Film
22. Battling a Paparazzo ("Paparazzi")
23. "Bad Romance"
24. "Born This Way"
25. Fan Film [edit set list]


Leaving the Madison Square GardenEdit

February 22 & 23, 2013Edit

Due to a labral tear in her right hip and needing surgery to repair it on February 13, 2013, this performance of the Born This Way Ball was cancelled as Gaga was still recuperating.

May 13, 2014Edit

Additional notes:

  • T.I. joined Lady Gaga onstage to perform his part of "Jewels N' Drugs" for the first time.



  1. Video Intro
  2. Band ARTPOP Intro
  4. G.U.Y.
  5. Donatella
  6. Fashion! Intro
  7. Fashion!


  1. Venus Intro
  2. Venus
  4. Cake Like Lady Gaga


  1. Just Dance
  2. Poker Face
  3. Telephone


  1. Partynauseous Intro
  2. Partynauseous
  3. Paparazzi
  4. Do What U Want
  5. Born This Way (Acoustic)
  6. Jewels N' Drugs Intro
  7. Jewels N' Drugs (With T.I.)


  1. Aura
  2. Sexxx Dreams
  3. Mary Jane Holland Intro
  4. Mary Jane Holland
  5. Alejandro


  1. Ratchet Intro
  2. Bad Romance
  3. Applause
  4. Swine


  1. Gypsy (Acoustic + Album version)
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