"Machete Kills" is an American action exploitation film written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. The film is the third based on Grindhouse fake trailers. Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Elise Avellan, Electra Avellan and other actors are reprising their roles from the first film "Machete".

In this film, Lady Gaga debuts in the big screen playing a character called La Chameleón. She went to Austin (Texas) a couple of days earlier to shoot her part. Gaga announced on that she played a smaller role. She also stated that the film would be rated R.


  • Lady Gaga, Walton Goggins, Antonio Banderas and Cuba Gooding Jr. play the character of El Chameleón (Gaga is the female part, La Chameleón).


Actor/Actress Character
Danny Trejo Machete
Michelle Rodriguez Luz/Shé
Sofía Vergara Madame Desdemona
Amber Heard Miss San Antonio
Lady Gaga
(female part: La Chameleón)
El Chameleón
Walton Goggins
Antonio Banderas
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Jessica Alba Santana Rivera
Demián Bichir Mendez
Mel Gibson Voz
Carlos Esteves President of United States
Alexa Vega KillJoy
Vanessa Hudgens Cereza
William Sadler Sheriff Doakes
Zoe Saldana Liza
Marko Zaror Zaror
Tom Savini Osiris Amanpour
Electra Avellan Nurse Mona
Elise Avellan Nurse Lisa
Samuel Davis Clebourne
Vincent Fuentes Cabrito Cook
Elle Lamont Doll Face


Chameleón Change

(El Chameleón 2 removes the mask and appears La Chameleón)
(La Chameleón leaves the gas station)
  • La Chameleón: -Muy bien indeed!-


  • La Chameleón: -Hola motherfucker!-
(La Chameleón points her gun into Machete)
(La Chameleón shoots into Machete's car)
(La Chameleón pushes Machete's car)
(Sofía Vergara's scene)
(La Chameleón pushes Machete's car again)
(La Chameleón sees Sofía Vergara's car on her way)
  • La Chameleón: -Fuck!-
(La Chameleón collides her car with Sofía's)

After collision

(La Chameleón goes out of her Volkswagen)
(La Chameleón shoots into the radio)
  • Dying Cartel Guy: -Lady, please, help me.-
  • La Chameleón: -You and your drug pushing compadres just derailed my pursuit so frankly I'm leaning in another direction entirely.-
  • Dying Cartel Guy: -Give me mercy.-
  • La Chameleón: -There's about three things I'd rather give you and they're all in the chamber of this gun. Straight up or with some flair? Straight up or flair?-
  • Dying Cartel Guy: -Whatever is the more interesting way to die.-
(La Chameleón kills him)
  • La Chameleón: -Wierdo.-
(La Chameleón calls attention to a trucker)
(La Chameleón goes up the truck)
(La Chameleón kills the trucker)
(La Chameleón removes the mask and appears El Chameleón 4)

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Release Date

Globe-green.png Region Date
Il.png Israel September 26, 2013
No.png Norway September 27, 2013
Be.png Belgium October, 2013
Fr.png France October 2, 2013
Au.png Australia October 3, 2013
Bg.png Bulgaria October 4, 2013
Dk.png Denmark October 10, 2013
Hu.png Hungary
Us.png United States October 11, 2013
Gb.png United Kingdom
Ie.png Ireland
Br.png Brazil
Fi.png Finland
Gr.png Greece October 17, 2013
Sg.png Singapore
By.png Belarus October 24, 2013
Kz.png Kazakhstan
Ru.png Russia
Ee.png Estonia November 1, 2013
Se.png Sweden
It.png Italy November 7, 2013
Mx.png Mexico November 8, 2013
Hk.png Hong Kong November 14, 2013
De.png Germany November 21, 2013
Ar.png Argentina December 3, 2013