square ME and Spike Jonze @ YOUtube Music Awards he is a baller[1]

11-7-13 001.jpg

square This book is the sweetest thing ever, I read all the books you give me and bed. #BedtimeStories[2]

11-7-13 002.jpg

square Mo money mo problems. Workin' hard, can't wait for artTAVE. Next destination, radio interviews![3]

11-7-13 005.jpg


11-7-13 003.jpg

square Lookin' Good on the SHEEELLLFF. So excited and proud!! Right next to Em too![5]

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square #DiscoverARTPOPApp[6]

square #DiscoverARTPOPApp[7]

Discover the #ARTPOPApp #ArtHaus #create #communicate

square My body is ready[8]

Download the APP for free at the AppStore #ARTPOP #ArtHaus

square Getting ready for the artRAVE[9]

11-9-13 001.jpg

square Workin hard for ARTPOP SiriusXm gal[10]

11-8-13 Sirius XM 002.jpg

square Get ready for mi iHeartRadio takeover (I brought a few friends!)[11]

11-9-13 002.jpg

square Heard it as soon as I got in the car! Such an awesome feeling! Everytime![12]

11-9-13 003.jpg

square VOLANTIS[13]

11-9-13 004.jpg

square Look what I just found! NYCbaby[14]

11-9-13 005.jpg

square The flawless swine[15]

ArtHaus gif 006.gif
Playing with #ArtHaus! Takes about 30 min to get the hang if it. Then you have to pry it from my hands while I animate my own gifs.

square ARTPOP space helmut[16]

ArtHaus gif 007.gif
You can also project photos onto your 3D model or background, without preloaded text features. #ARTPOP #ArtHaus

square No time for that[17]

ArtHaus gif 008.gif
So many fans outside I have to get to work! artRave! #ARTPOP #ArtHaus

square The artRave blew my mind. The variable you can never predict is monsters. You made it all come alive, around the world![18]

11-11-13 Instagram 001.jpg

square Me and Jeff[19]

11-11-13 001.jpg

square Time to dream. Tonight close your eyes imagination sight, the tomorrow open up and May ideas take flight.[20]

11-11-13 002.jpg

square This Morning, artRave prep[21]

11-11-13 003.jpg

square Irritated cow[22]

ArtHaus gif 010.gif
Me at losing my voice this morning and not even partying at artRAVE #ARTPOP #ArtHaus

square Space dreams[23]

ArtHaus gif 039.gif
Help #ARTPOP khole #ARTPOP #ArtHaus GAGA step AWAY from the App!

square CD ARTPOP[24]

ArtHaus gif 033.gif
Getting ready for Howard Stern, I made him a artHaus .gif #ARTPOP #ArtHaus

square SNL rehearsal! New York New York![25]

11-13-13 001.jpg

square Me, Jeff Koons, and Iman after Glamour Awards. What a lovely evening.[26]

11-13-13 002.jpg

square She has always been such an inspiring sweet supportive soul to me, always lifts me up. The Ghost of Xmas' past poses with Icon, Muse, and REAL Supermodel IMAN![27]

11-13-13 003.jpg

square Gif party[28]

ArtHaus gif 113.gif
Gif party, excited you to experience upgrades in the app #ARTPOP #ArtHaus

square ARTPOP App Updates[29]

The ARTPOP app has been available for a full week now, and it's been incredible to see all of your auras come to life, your ArtHaus creations travel take shape across social media, and your overall excitement for the app. We've received a lot of great feedback already, and want your help to help continue building the app. As we take ArtHaus to the next level, what would you like to see? Leave a comment to send us your thoughts on text phrases we should add, new 3D models you'd like to create with, additional backgrounds we should add, and more. Thanks for the input!

- TechHaus

square Lady Gaga Live At Roseland Ballroom![30]

Iconic New York City venue Roseland Ballroom is closing its doors for good in 2014, and Lady Gaga will help shut down her hometown venue with a real New York theatrical affair! Gaga will play the final shows EVER at the Roseland in a very intimate residency March 28, 30, 31 and April 2 and members ONLY will have first access to tickets for this historic event!

Register at for the chance to get first access to tickets. Registration closes at 11:59pm EST on Tues., Nov. 19.

Randomly selected registrants will receive an e-mail invitation with a link and unique code to purchase tickets beginning at 10am EST on Thur., Nov. 21. The code will allow you to purchase up to two (2) tickets for the show of your choice. There is a very limited number of tickets for these shows so registration does not guarantee that you will receive a pre-sale code.

square Reverse bleacholian expedition, and we JUST released we were both wearing the same thing[31]

11-20-13 001.jpg

square #SKUNKpunk[32]

11-20-13 002.jpg

square wanna go from DRAB to MAD for the holidays? BLEACH YOUR ROOTS ONLY..& FRAME THAT WINTER GRIN! 1-800-IAMMYHAIR[33]

11-20-13 003.jpg

square once you go black, you never go completely back![34]

11-20-13 004.jpg

square This is a portrait of me by BOB WILSON just go see the 'Mona Lisa' at the Louvre in Paris, and this piece is exhibited right there. I performed about 6 hrs as 'The Death of Marat,' one of the most famous images of the Revolution.[35]

square This is the painting by Jacques-Louis David Studio. 'The Death of Marat' 1793 That Bob Wilson brought to life with his portrait.[36]

La Mort de Marat by Jacques-Louis David.jpg

square This is a portrait of me by BOB WILSON just go see the 'Mona Lisa' at the Louvre in Paris, & this piece is exhibited right there. I performed about 6 hrs as 'The Death of Marat,' one of the most famous images of the Revolution.[37]

square This is a portrait of me by BOB WILSON just go see the 'Mona Lisa' at the Louvre in Paris, and this piece is exhibited right there. I performed about 6 hrs as 'The Death of Marat,' one of the most famous images of the Revolution.[38]

10-31-13 Robert Wilson 001.jpg

square Interview for ELLEN[39]

11-21-13 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 001.jpg

square Additional Roseland shows added![40]

Due to overwhelming demand during and Citibank pre-sales for Gaga's NYC Roseland Ballroom residency, Live Nation has added two additional shows! The newly added shows will take place April 4th and April 6th, 2014, and members will again have first access to tickets.

Beginning immediately, new sets of pre-sale codes will be distributed at random to those who registered earlier this week. If you received a code this week and weren't able to redeem it for the first four shows, your code will still be valid for these additional shows. Those with pre-sale codes can begin purchasing their tickets immediately.

Citibank cardholders will have access to tickets in one hour at 2pm ET.

Tickets for all 6 Roseland Ballroom shows go on sale to the general public on Monday, November 25th at 10am ET.

square I did this piece London. Bob Wilson filmed it. I hung upside down for 45 minutes in this position. This was the first piece he allowed me to do myself. Im discovering my passion in performance art is seance. Allowing old souls to pass through me[41]

10-31-13 Robert Wilson 006.jpg
While i suffer for their art, and leave mine and my vanity behind. This is how I can be vehicle for my monsters all over the world. With born this way carrying your message of love, and now carrying the message of your talents and your ability to the world.

square Gagadollz #chillin[42]

11-27-13 001.jpg

square Gagadollz, one doesn't talk back but will still sing Applause[43]

11-27-13 002.jpg

square On my way to SMAP SMAP wish I could put all my fans in my pocket so you could experience the amazing things ARTPOP is doing. I'll just use social media instead![44]

11-28-13 001.jpg

square So thankful this year, falling a sleepies with all my monster toys. Thank you making my life so wonderful everyday. Paws up[45]

square SMAP X SMAP performance airs first week in december![46]

11-28-13 SMAPxSMAP 001.jpg

square i am still designing the fonts with HAUS but i am SO excited. This is going to be my favorite. A REAL party, a true experience, and I have all the time i need to plan the tour of my dreams[47]

11-29-13 001.png

square Follow Swine[48]

square Hmmmm[49]