Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow is a luxury eyewear brand. The company was built by Linda Farrow, a fashion designer in the 1970. She decided to put the company in storage and in 2003, her son decided to revive the company. She collaborated with many artists, designers over the years. Lady Gaga was seen wearing some creations by the designer.


Linda Farrow x Emilio PucciEdit

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  1. Mod. 89850 col. Black, hand made in France in 1980s

Linda Farrow x Dries Van NotenEdit

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  1. Mod. 16, Col. C1, Spring/Summer 2009 RTW

Linda Farrow x Alexander WangEdit

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  1. Mod. 1 Col. C5, Spring/Summer 2010 RTW

Linda Farrow x Raf SimonsEdit

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  1. Mod. 13 Col. C4, Spring/Summer 2009 RTW

Linda Farrow x Prabal GurungEdit

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  1. Mod. 1, Col. C? (Black), Spring/Summer 2012 Ready-to-wear (RTW)


Linda Farrow x Charles AnastaseEdit

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  1. Mod. 4 Col. C3, silver with light pink frame, Spring/Summer 2009 RTW

Linda Farrow x Jeremy ScottEdit

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  1. Mod. Mickey Col. CR39, Fall/Winter 2009 RTW "Mouse Trap" collection

Linda Farrow x KTZEdit

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  1. Mod. 1 Col. C4, Spring/Summer 2010 RTW

Linda Farrow x YazbukeyEdit

  1. Mod. "Eye Acetato", Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection