(Le) Poisson Rouge (often referred to as LPR) is a music venue and multimedia art cabaret in New York City founded in 2008 by Justin Kantor and David Handler on the former site of The Village Gate. The performance space was designed and engineered by John Storyk/WSDG. It has become a known venue for its focus on artistry, bring contemporary classical music into the club setting, and offering a variety of set ups so that a seated classical performance can be followed by a standing set by a rock band or a DJ.

September 6, 2013

On September 6, 2013, During V Magazine’s New York Fashion Week party, Lady Gaga took to the stage at the secret party to celebrate the magazine and Stephen Gan. Gaga performed a few songs from her new album ARTPOP.


Set list
  1. "Aura"
  2. "Artpop"
  3. "Swine"
  4. "Jewels and Drugs"
  5. "Sex Dreams"
  6. "Applause"



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