Le Dôme de Marseille is an indoor amphitheatre, located in Marseille, France. The capacity of the arena is 8,500 people.

September 20, 2008 Edit

As part of the free NRJ Music Tour, Lady Gaga performed with Christophe Mae, Katy Perry, Jenifer, Laurent Wolf, Shy'm, Zaho, Martin Solveig, Mathieu Edward, Melissa M & Pras, Magic System, Marc Antoine, Gregoire, Madcon, Brick & Lace, David Tavare, September, Discobitch, Stanislas, Fanny J (with Mokobé of 113) and Lea Castel.


Set list:
  1. Intro
  2. "Just Dance"

Bonsoir la France;
Bonsoir NRJ;
Bonsoir Marseille...
je m'appelle Lady GAGA
et ça c'est ma... maison

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