This page is about the show of Gaga's Roseland Ballroom residency.

Set listEdit

"Born This Way" (Acoustic)Edit

The show starts with Gaga opening the door and revealing only her hand. She then walks out entirely and sits at the piano and performs "Born This Way" acoustically.

  • The line "...I love this record and..." is replaced by "...I love this Roseland..."
Lady Gaga wears an outfit by Shokra, boots by Ellie and sunglasses by Ray-Ban.

"Black Jesus † Amen Fashion"Edit

After "Born This Way", Gaga would get up and join one of her dancers at the top of the stage and perform "Black Jesus + Amen Fashion". The song's choreography is similar to the choreography from the Born This Way Ball Tour. After Gaga exits, the song has an extended outro while Gaga does a costume change.


After her costume change, Gaga returns to the stage and performs a shortened version of "Monster". The shortened version plays the first verse and the first chorus. At the end of the song, Gaga is given her keytar.

"Bad Romance"Edit

Gaga starts singing "Bad Romance" while playing her keytar on a raised platform. Then, the actual song starts and dancers return to the stage. Midway through the song, Gaga gets off of the platform to do choreography with the dancers. During the last part of the song, Gaga climbs a ladder on the stage.
Lady Gaga wears a custom outfit and cape by Eren Fidanci, a headpiece by Arturo Rios and boots by Ellie.

"Sexxx Dreams"Edit

During "Sexxx Dreams", Gaga performs choreography with two dancers while singing the song. After the song ends, it has an extended outro played.


Gaga sits down at the piano and talks to the audience briefly before performing "Dope" with no band accompaniment.

"You And I"Edit

After Dope, Gaga goes straight into "You And I". The song is performed similarly to the way it was performed during The Monster Ball Tour.

"Paparazzi" (Interlude)Edit

After "You And I", Gaga gets up from the piano and enters a small subway cart for a costume change. The band then plays a short interlude with elements of "Paparazzi". The interlude only lasts about thirty-five seconds.

"Just Dance"Edit

After the "Paparazzi" interlude, the band plays an extended intro for "Just Dance". Gaga then exits the subway cart and performs "Just Dance". During the last verse, Gaga is given her keytar, which she plays while she sings the last part. The song is also briefly shortened, removing Colby O' Donis's verse and the chorus after it. Also, after her last verse, she just sings the line "Just dance" instead of singing the full last chorus.

"Poker Face" (Acoustic)Edit

Gaga takes off her keytar and removes her jacket before briefly chatting with the crowd. She then goes up and plays an acoustic version of "Poker Face". At the end of the song, Gaga enters the door that she came out of at the start of the show so she can do a costume change.

"ARTPOP" (Interlude)Edit

The band plays a two minute interlude with elements of "ARTPOP" while she does a costume change for the next song.


Gaga exits the door and returns to the main stage. She then performs choreography for "Applause" with her dancers while she sings the song. At the end of the song, she thanks the audience and says goodnight.


Gaga returns to the stage after a few minutes for the first and only encore of the show. Here, her and the dancers perform choreography for "G.U.Y". while she sings the song. The choreography is slightly altered from the music video. At the end of the song, she once again tells the audience goodnight.

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