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[[Image:BornThisWay-DeluxeEdition.jpg|thumb|Artwork for the special edition of ''Born This Way'']] The '''''Born This Way era''''' as it name imply refer to the album cycle for ''[[Born This Way (album)|Born This Way]]''. Although the album was released on May 23 of 2011, Lady Gaga changed her style to reflect the rebirth theme as early as [[2011/January|January of 2011]]. She was seen with prosthetic horns and ridges on her forehead, cheek bones, and shoulders for a month and during the media promo following the debut performance of "[[Born This Way (song)|Born This Way]]" at the Grammy Awards. The rebirth theme was replaced with a more Roman Catholic style during the promotion of "[[Judas (song)|Judas]]" It was then followed by manly Versace archive pieces and many variation of a teal hair around the release of "[[The Edge of Glory (song)|The Edge of Glory]]". For "[[Yoü and I (song)|Yoü and I]]", Gaga returned to long blonde hair. For the final single, "[[Marry the Night (song)|Marry the Night]]", Gaga used a light mint color for her hair and even clothes. At that time, Gaga made her first appearance in India and recorded her first television special entitled, "[[A Very Gaga Thanksgiving]]" which aired on ABC.
The first trimester of 2012 was the longest break took by Gaga since the debut of her career in 2008. Although, she attended various events and launched her foundation with her mother, [[Born This Way Foundation|The Born This Way Foundation]]. By the end of April, Gaga debuted [[The Born This Way Ball Tour|the Born This Way Ball]] which will run until 2013.
==Recap of 2010==
: ''This page is about the Born This Way era. For the more details on 2010, see [[Lady Gaga/The Fame Monster|The Fame Monster era]]. ''
*Lady Gaga recorded most the songs for ''[[Born This Way (album)|Born This Way]]'' on her [[Studio Bus]] and various recording studios around the world while touring with the [[Monster Ball Tour]].
*Lady Gaga announced the title of the album during her acceptance speech for Video of the Year the [[MTV Music Video Awards|2010 MTV Video Music Awards]].
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2-20-13 Out in New York 001.jpg|[[2013/February|February]]|link=2013/February
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4-21-13 Leaving Hotel 002.jpg|[[2013/April|April]]|link=2013/April
5-15-13 Leaving Versace Fashion Show 001.jpg|[[2013/May|May]]|link=2013/May
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