Keko Hainswheeler

Keko Hainswheeler is a London based consultant and fashion designer that created various outfits worn by Lady Gaga.


  1. Feather neck brace
  2. Lace feather and crystal mask
  3. Lace mask and dancers accessories
  4. Tuile shoulder piece
  5. Spiked boots accessory
  6. Dancers stage outfits
  7. Gaga's bodice and dancers costumes
  8. Leather and pleated black lace braces
  9. Tuile head piece
  10. Black leather bra embellished with gold plated chains, solid brass hardware and lion heads


Komakino Spring/Summer 2010Edit

Hainswheeler created a mask for Komakino which was worn by Gaga in the music video for "Bad Romance". The bespoke piece is created from rusted nails, washers, safety pins, and grommets layered over a welded frame and trimmed with leather trimming and straps.

The mask was sold for Icons & Idols Rock n’ Roll Auction Event which took place at the Julien’s Auctions Beverly Hills Gallery on December 1st and 2nd, 2012.



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